The star player of Cloud9’s Valorant roster, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, has just released his pro play agent tier list with some surprising revelations.

As one of the premier Jett mains in all of Valorant, TenZ instantly named Sova as the best agent in the game at present based on his ability to gather so much map information, while still having an ultimate that can take enemy agents down.

Credit: TenZ

After placing Sova in S-tier, TenZ listed Jett alongside him because of her ability to get Operator pick-offs everywhere. According to TenZ, “Jett isn’t broken, but the meta has shifted [towards her favor]. A lot of [Jett players] are just holding one-and-done positions, [where they] get kills, and dash out. Then if you know how to use [her] daggers, you just kill everyone.”

Breach and Sage were then listed as the first agents in A-tier, with Breach being named a high value agent because of his vast tool kit. On the other hand, TenZ believes Sage has fallen off the pro scene meta and that “she’s not necessary.”

“There are other agents you can use to replace Sage, and you’ll be completely fine,” added Tenz.

Next were Cypher and Killjoy, two of the most interesting sentinel characters in Valorant. Based on TenZ’s professional experience, Cypher and Killjoy may be interchangeable as flank watchers, but they have different strengths. Cypher has ways to help his team retake sites, while Killjoy is mainly used to hold down sites.

TenZ then rounded out his A-tier list with Raze, Brimstone, and Omen. Raze was another agent that received high praise from TenZ, since he believes her Paint Shells grenade is OP, and players can clear so much space with her tool kit. Brimstone and Omen round out the tier since every team needs smokes.

The duelist combo of Reyna and Phoenix landed in B-tier. TenZ sees the potential in Reyna and even said she is a good agent, but her agent abilities are really hard to pull off, since she needs to get kills to utilize her kit.

And all the way down in D-tier is Viper. “She just feels so useless, especially when there’s a Sova on the enemy team,” explained TenZ.

For a full explanation of the tier list from Hiko himself, you can check out this video:

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