The highly-anticipated stream between Valorant’s voice actors Shannon Williams (Jett) and Afolabi Alli (Phoenix) has finally happened, with fans treated to some great banter between the two duelists.

Perhaps the most-requested unofficial voice line for the two is the “Jett, revive me!” line which went viral from a player’s Valorant gameplay, mistaking the skills of the agent Jett as that of Sage’s which can heal and revive her teammates.

Shannon and Afolabi willingly entertained their fans’ special request.

Additionally, Phoenix also uttered the highly-requested “Man’s not hot” line. the chorus to Big Shaq’s song.

They also delivered each other’s character lines, like Shannon saying Phoenix’s “Jokes over, you’re dead!” and Afolabi saying “There you are, you little [expletive].”

The two British voice actors also revealed that they ad-libbed and added their personal touch to some of the lines that Riot Games has originally prepared for them, such as Phoenix’s “Skrrra!”

Which Valorant voice actors do you want to see do a collaboration next?

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