The second international Valorant LAN event of the year is almost here. The 12 best teams from around the world will duke it out in Denmark at Masters Copenhagen 2022, where one team will be crowned VCT Stage 2 champions and punch their ticket to Valorant Champions Istanbul.

OpTic Gaming remain the heavy favorites. They are headed to Masters Copenhagen to defend their Masters Reykjavik 2022 title against the top Valorant squads from the VCT Stage 2 Challengers tournaments.

However, leading the charge of the top challengers are LOUD, Paper Rex, Fnatic, and DRX – teams that absolutely dominated their regional VCT Stage 2 Challengers competitions. These teams also have a history of deep tournament runs at previous LAN events, and they’ll be looking to finally lift the trophy.

Finally, teams like XSET, Leviatán, Guild Esports, and Northeption are making their VCT Masters debut in Denmark, hungry to prove themselves on the global stage.

What is VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen?

VCT Stage 2 Masters Valorant Copenhagen
Credit: Riot Games

It is the second international Valorant LAN event of the VCT 2022 season, featuring the top teams from North America, EMEA, Korea, Japan, APAC, Brazil, and Latin America.

The tournament marks the culmination of VCT 2022 Stage 2, where teams will get their final chance to earn VCT points that will go toward qualification for Valorant Champions Istanbul at the end of the year.

It is also the first-ever international VCT LAN to host a live audience. For the last three days of the tournament, fans will be allowed into the Forum Copenhagen where the tournament is held. Tickets are now available to buy.

VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen schedule and results

VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen 2022’s group stage will run from July 10 to 14, followed by the playoffs from July 14 to 25.

Group A is shaping up to be the group to watch, with two of the Masters Reykjavik finalists in the same group. Guild Esports and KRU Esports will have their work cut out for them if they are hoping to make it out of groups.

Meanwhile, Group B features three teams from Korea, Japan, and APAC. The three Asian rivals will have their eyes set on one another, while EMEA representative FunPlus Phoenix navigates high expectations to perform as the only team from a so-called “major” region.

(To be updated)

Group stage standings

Group A

1stGuild Esports2 — 0
2ndOpTic Gaming2 — 1
3rdKRU Esports1 — 2
4thLOUD0 — 2

Group B

1stDRX2 — 0
2ndFunPlus Phoenix2 — 1
3rdNortheption1 — 2
4thXERXIA Esports0 — 2

Group Stage

July 10

DRX2 — 0Northeption

July 11

LOUD1 — 2KRU Esports
OpTic Gaming0 — 2Guild Esports
FunPlus Phoenix2 — 1XERXIA Esports

July 12

KRU Esports1 — 2Guild Esports
DRX2 — 1FunPlus Phoenix

July 13

Northeption2 — 1XERXIA Esports
OpTic Gaming2 — 1LOUD
FunPlus Phoenix2 — 0Northeption

July 14


Upper bracket quarterfinals

Paper Rex2 — 0Guild Esports

July 15

Upper bracket quarterfinals

Fnatic2 — 0FunPlus Phoenix
Leviatán1 — 2DRX

July 16

Upper bracket quarterfinals

XSET0 — 2OpTic Gaming

Lower bracket round 1

Guild Esports1 — 2FunPlus Phoenix

July 17

Lower bracket round 1

Leviatan2 — 1XSET

Upper bracket semifinals

Paper Rex2 — 0Fnatic

July 18

Upper bracket semifinals

DRX1 — 2OpTic Gaming

Lower bracket quarterfinals

Leviatán1 — 2Fnatic

July 19

Lower bracket quarterfinals

FunPlus Phoenix2 — 0DRX

July 22

Upper bracket final

Paper Rex2 — 1OpTic Gaming

July 23

Lower bracket semifinal

Fnatic1 — 2FunPlus Phoenix

Lower bracket final

OpTic Gaming1 — 3FunPlus Phoenix

July 24

Grand final

Paper Rex2 — 3FunPlus Phoenix

Teams that are competing at Masters Copenhagen

Valorant Copenhagen teams
Credit: Riot Games

The 12 teams in the competition have been split between the top-seeded teams and the group stage squads. Similar to Masters Reykjavik 2022’s tournament format, four top-seeded teams advance directly to the playoffs, where they await the winners of the group stage.

But unlike in Iceland, it is a LATAM team who will claim one of the playoff berths, while LOUD start in the group stage. Leviatán find themselves in the playoffs instead of LOUD this time, because KRU Esports defeated Brazilian team Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Brazil and LATAM decider.

Out of the eight teams in the group stage, only four will move on to the playoffs.

Playoffs teams

FnaticEMEA1st place in VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers
XSETNorth America1st place in VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers
Paper RexAPAC1st place in VCT APAC Stage 2 Challengers
LeviatánLatin America1st place in VCT LATAM Stage 2 Challengers

Group stage teams

FunPlus PhoenixEMEA2nd place in VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers
Guild EsportsEMEA3rd place in VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers
DRXKorea1st place in VCT Korea Stage 2 Challengers
OpTic GamingNorth America2nd place in VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers
XERXIA EsportsAPAC2nd place in VCT APAC Stage 2 Challengers
NortheptionJapan1st place in VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers
LOUDBrazil1st place in VCT Brazil Stage 2 Challengers
KRU EsportsLatin America1st place in LATAM and Brazil Stage 2 Challengers playoffs

Masters Copenhagen prize and point pool

DRX wins VCT Korea Stage 2 Challengers
Credit: Riot Games

All teams are competing for a share of the 4,450 circuit points that will go toward qualifying for Valorant Champions at the year’s end. Riot Games has yet to announce the prize pool for the tournament.

7th-8thGuild EsportsUS$25,000250
9th-10thKRU EsportsUS$15,000200
11th-12thXERXIA EsportsUS$10,000150

Format of VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen

The tournament begins with the group stage. Eight teams have been sorted into two groups, and each group will play through a double-elimination bracket. The first two teams from each group to win two matches will advance to the playoffs.

The four teams that emerge from the group stage will be placed randomly in the double-elimination playoffs bracket, where the top-seeded squads from each region will be waiting.

Teams from the same group will be placed on opposite sides of the playoffs bracket to avoid a repeat match-up too early in the winner’s bracket.

All matches will play out in a best-of-three series, except for the lower bracket final and grand final, which will be best-of-five games.

Where to watch VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen 2022?

Valorant fans can watch the matches live on Riot Games’ official Twitch and YouTube channels:

Valorant (English)Twitch
Valorant Esports (Turkish)Twitch
Valorant (Russian)Twitch
Valorant (Dach)Twitch
Valorant (Japan)Twitch
agentrange_it (Italy)Twitch
polsatgames (Polish)Twitch
lvpes2 (Spanish)Twitch
valleague_fr (French)Twitch
leetesports (Hungarian)Twitch
leetplus (Hungarian)Twitch
esportsfinland (Finnish)Twitch
valorant_kr (Korean)Twitch
valorantleague_mena (Arabic)Twitch
Valorant ArabiaYouTube
Valorant (English)YouTube
Valorant (Turkish)YouTube
Valorant (Russian)YouTube
Valorant (Arabia)YouTube

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