Valorant patch 4.07 doesn’t introduce significant agent or map balance changes, but it makes up for that with a terrifying update to the practice range.

The Valorant Protocol’s operation in Turkey to capture the blackmailer, or Agent 20, was successful. They are now sequestered in a cell beside Brimstone’s office, where their mere presence seems to affect anyone who dares to get close.

The patch also adds an entirely new area to the range in the form of Cypher’s office. If you interact with his laptop, you can listen to a voice log of the mission in Istanbul to apprehend Bounty Hunter, and it’s stuffed with additional nuggets of information about the new agent.

Valorant patch 4.07 teases what Agent 20 might be capable of

When heading down to Brimstone’s office beneath the range, you’ll now be greeted by eerie, whispering sound effects that are pure nightmare fuel.

The voice log confirms that Agent 20 is a female Radiant, and this disruption is likely due to her being held in the cell next door. As you enter Brimstone’s office, your field of view also abruptly darkens and narrows, creating an incredibly claustrophobic effect.

An earlier unverified leak of Agent 20’s kit revealed abilities that can nearsight or deafen enemies, and it’s possible that this is a peek at what that would look like.

The four-minute voice log also provides further clues to her abilities. On the ground in Istanbul, Cypher notices that there is something “trailing” them, while Breach yells about getting an unspecified creature off him.

This is likely Agent 20’s totem ability, which is reportedly a creature similar to Skye’s Trailblazer that can search for enemy agents or the trails they leave behind.

Upon engaging with their target, Neon cries out that she cannot see, and Cypher tells KAY/O that they’re “blind in here”. This aligns with Agent 20’s nearsight capabilities and the effect she inflicts on players who enter Brimstone’s office.

KAY/O eventually has to step in, utilizing his NULL/CMD ultimate to neutralize Agent 20’s abilities.

The new agent is expected to be released during Episode 4 Act III, which is set to drop on April 26. Posters have even popped up in Turkey, teasing the imminent debut of the new agent, who Riot has all but confirmed is Turkish.

You can read the full notes for patch 4.07 here.

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