Sentinels team captain Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan has opened the discussion on Jett and why she’s the most difficult agent to balance in Valorant.

The VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík champion shared, “The Operator is only viable with Jett, and that’s a problem in my opinion.” ShahZaM wants Riot Games to make the Operator more viable for other agents.

“It’s too clunky to use on any other agent,” said ShahZaM. “The problem is there are no other counter options against the Operator.”

Why ShahZaM thinks Jett is the only viable Valorant agent with an Operator

She is the only agent in Valorant’s hero pool who can escape extremely risky angles. Since the Operator is a one-shot one-kill weapon, even if she peeks on multiple opponents, she still has the chance to escape and reposition herself to take another shot.

Aggressive players can even slowly push out with an Operator because she can easily retreat with her Tailwind ability. By doing this, she can gather information for her team which they can use to reposition themselves.

Teams end up spending most of their agent abilities and utility in the round trying to counter a good Jett who is proficient with an Operator. Even with that, more players are learning how to play around enemy agent utility, and this makes playing against them a nightmare.

ShahZaM has suggested in the past that maybe Jett should only be able to dash towards the direction she is facing, instead of being able to dash forward, backward, left, or right. He doesn’t agree with the idea of nerfing the dash completely because her Tailwind ability is what makes her unique in Valorant.

With the most recent nerfs to Jett in Valorant patch 3.06, Jett has lost her ability to snowball kills with the changes to her Bladestorm’s right-click. She still has the ability to dominate games with an Operator because her dash wasn’t changed at all.

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Credit: Riot Games

What changes should Riot Games make for Jett? Or should another agent get buffed and become a rival Operator user to make the Valorant meta more exciting?

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