Is Valorant patch 3.06 the answer that Jett haters in Valorant have been waiting for?

Everyone in the community are fixated on Jett’s most recent nerfs, wondering if she has finally fallen from S-tier in Valorant.

Valorant patch 3.06 also comes with ability changes for Skye and KAY/O. It also includes site changes for Icebox, Haven, Ascent, and Bind, and the addition of Fracture into the competitive queue.

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Valorant patch 3.06 agent updates


Jett, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games
  • Cloud burst charges reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Bladestorm’s right-click (alternate fire) no longer recharges Jett’s kunai after getting a kill.
  • Bladestorm’s right-click (alternate fire) damage is reverted, which means its damage and multipliers will mirror the left-click.

The changes to Bladestorm’s right-click drop the likelihood of getting chain kills at close range, lowering the impact her ultimate could have in rounds.

Valorant patch 3.06 did not address what most players want to be balanced, which is Jett’s Dash and proficiency with the Operator.

A few days before the changes were made, Sentinels’ Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan shared that the main problem with Jett is that she is the only agent who can use the Operator.

Despite the recent nerfs, players can still expect to see Jett dominate games in ranked games and the competitive scene.


Skye official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games
  • Guiding Light’s unequip time after casting or bending the projectile increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds.
  • Guiding Light’s windup time after activation before the flash is activated has also increased from 0.25 to 0.3.

The changes to Skye’s flashes give players less time to recover after using her ability. This makes her more vulnerable in close quarters, or when players decide to peek at her right when she is about to use her flash.


KAY/O, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games
  • FLASH/drive’s windup for left-click has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds, and right-click (alternate fire) reduced from 1 to 0.3 seconds.
  • Flash/drive’s in-flight audio has also been removed. 
  • NULL/cmd does not stop pulsing after being downed.

KAY/O received some significant buffs in the new patch because his flashes are now harder to dodge. 

His ultimate will also continuously silence nearby opponents even after he’s downed. This makes his ultimate more effective for entry plays and site retakes.

Valorant patch 3.06 map updates

Most of the changes made to the maps involve radinaite crates on sites not being wall bangable anymore. This makes it safer for attackers to plant the spike.


Credit: Riot Games
  • Tunnel to Generator/Canteen and the middle crate on B-site are no longer a wall bang spot.


Credit: Riot Games
  • The double-stacked radinaite crates on B-site is no longer a wall bang spot.


Credit: Riot Games
  • One section of C-site’s stack of crates is also no longer a wall bang spot, making planting on default much safer.


Credit: Riot Games
  • One of the crates in the middle of A-site is not a wall bang spot anymore.


Credit: Riot Games
  • The middle double-stacked crates on A-site right by showers is no longer wall bang spots.

All the information regarding Valorant patch 3.06 can be found on Riot Games’ official Valorant website.

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