Sentinels star duelist Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has been spending a lot of time with dapper French sentinel Chamber in his ranked games.

The suave weapons expert has a deadly kit that makes him the game’s most aggressive sentinel yet, while his Trademark traps let him lock down sites and watch flanks with ease.

Chamber is incredibly strong, according to Sentinels TenZ, and it is very easy to play off his utilities, similar to Mexican duelist Reyna.

Sentinels TenZ has been playing Chamber in his ranked games

“His utility is so easy to play off. It’s like he’s a better Reyna,” said TenZ. Chamber’s Trademark traps are excellent for holding angles, allowing players to wait for them to go off before swinging enemy players.

Similarly, Reyna’s Leer blind runs no risk of affecting teammates, unlike other flashes in the game. She can easily use Leer without worrying about the positioning of the team, allowing everyone to follow up quickly after the blind activates.

However, Chamber may struggle when attacking. “I think he’s really hard to get value out of on attack,” said TenZ.

Sentinels TenZ on Chamber Operator
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

The sentinel’s aggression on defense is enabled by his Rendezvous teleporters, which allow him to peek early in the round and still have a quick escape route. This is more difficult to execute on attack, because the limited range of his anchors means that he has to count on defenders peeking in very specific areas.

The old 100 Thieves roster notably struggled when relying on Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk’s Chamber to get picks on attack, eventually falling 13-0 to The Guard.

On top of that, enemies can hear a Rendezvous anchor being placed near them, removing the element of surprise. In comparison, Jett’s Tailwind dash isn’t dependent on the placement of set utilities, making her far more versatile on attack.

Having said that, TenZ seems to still think that Chamber is a little overpowered. “I think having a slow on his already free and fast fire rate Operator is a little too much,” he mused on Twitter.

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