North American heavyweights Sentinels might be missing out on Stage 1 Masters Reykjavík, but star duelist Tyson “TenZ” Ngo did not fail to remind us why he is considered one of the best aimers to ever play Valorant.

While TenZ has been struggling to put up the superstar numbers many expect, he showcased flashes of brilliance in Sentinels’ game against Version1 during the VCT NA Stage 1 Challengers playoffs, proving that he still has what it takes to challenge the very best.

On the deciding map, Fracture, TenZ secured a Sheriff ace on the second round, taking out a Version1 team that had bought Spectres and a Vandal.

Sentinels TenZ pulls off an ace with just a Sheriff

On Round 2, Sentinels found themselves on the backfoot after losing the opening pistol. Version1 were committing to a fast A push, with four players at Dish and one approaching from A Main.

TenZ took matters into his own hands with an aggressive position on Drop, taking out two players in quick succession before falling back to watch the cross onto A site.

As Maxim “wippie” Shepelev pushed past his own Sage wall on A Link, TenZ was waiting to drop him with a clean headshot.

He then threw Raze’s Paint Shells grenade to force Loic “effys” Sauvageau out into the open, where he was able to win the duel.

Even with just 12 HP left, the duelist superstar pressed on, flicking to the head of Erik “penny” Penny at stairs for the ace.

Even though Sentinels eventually failed to take the map and series from Version1, the team still has a strong foundation of players to build on. In the two months before VCT NA Stage 2 kicks off, the roster will need to find the same confidence and synergy that helped them become one of the most feared teams in 2021.

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