A new champion was once again crowned at VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen 2022.

FunPlus Phoenix made a thrilling run through the lower bracket to take down Paper Rex in the grand final, despite originally starting the tournament without their full roster.

The introduction of Fade has also given rise to several new agent compositions that stand in stark contrast to what we saw at Masters Reykjavik. From a 65 percent pick rate in Iceland, Jett has fallen down the ranks to a measly 17 percent — instead, Chamber, Raze, and Fade were the three top-picked agents in Denmark.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular Valorant agent compositions on each map at Masters Copenhagen 2022.

Best agent composition on every map at Masters Copenhagen 2022

Ascent — KAY/O, Fade, Chamber, Astra, Jett/Raze

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Credit: Riot Games

KAY/O remains a staple on Ascent, but he is now paired more frequently with new initiator Fade instead of Sova. Fade’s Haunt allows her to reveal enemies through walls on Ascent, similar to Sova’s Recon Bolt, which means she can use the Odin to mow enemies down through walls just as effectively.

At the same time, Chamber’s Trademark trap is extremely effective at providing information on opponents rotating through Mid. As one of the game’s most deadly agents on the Operator, he can also lock down the map’s long sightlines or take aggressive positions at A or B Main.

Finally, Jett and Raze still see use in single duelist compositions, but teams have sometimes opted to play Sage instead.

It is only when Chamber is not picked that Killjoy is used. The German sentinel still remains a potent tool for defending B site, even if she has generally fallen out of favor compared to Chamber.

Icebox — Chamber, Viper, Sage, KAY/O, Sova/Fade

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Chamber has rocketed to the top of the totem pole on Icebox, and he was picked on every single Icebox game played in Copenhagen.

As on Ascent, his Trademark trap is an excellent tool for catching opponents running through Mid or Kitchen, while he has many Operator vantage points to play from on a map this size.

When it comes to controllers, no one has been able to unseat Viper, who remains invaluable because she is the only agent who is able to block off multiple sightlines with a single use of Toxic Screen.

Many teams have decided to forego all duelists on the map as well, favoring KAY/O instead for his flashes and the additional information he provides.

Sova is also no longer a must-pick on Icebox, and Fade has proven fully capable of filling his role.

Split — Raze, Chamber, Astra, Viper, Fade


While teams continue to run incredibly varied agent compositions on Split, Raze remains the go-to duelist on the map. She is heavily favored over Jett, because her Paint Shells grenades and Boom Bot are excellent for clearing narrow spaces like Vents, Screens, and A Elbow.

Both Omen and Astra are more or less interchangeable as controllers, but champions FunPlus Phoenix opt to run a double controller setup, pairing Viper with either Omen or Astra.

Chamber has also become another mainstay on Split since Masters Reykjavik, while both Fade and KAY/O have supplanted Skye and Breach as the initiators of choice.

Haven — Chamber, Breach, Omen, Raze, Fade


Breach continues to be the top initiator on Haven, but teams have paired him with either Fade or Sova instead of Skye. The three core agents for the majority of teams in Copenhagen were Breach, Omen, and Chamber, while the last two agents varied from team to team.

For instance, Paper Rex run Sage in place of Breach, while OpTic Gaming eschew the Raze in favor of Neon.

Some teams have stuck to their guns with Astra, but her four stars mean that she may struggle to have enough smokes to account for mid-round adaptations and still support her team with Gravity Well and Nova Pulse. On the other hand, Omen’s Dark Cover smoke has a 30-second cooldown, giving him a bit more flexibility.

Breach’s Flashpoint blind is also perfect for taking sites, flashing behind the boxes to put opponents holding there on the backfoot.

Fracture — Chamber, Breach, Brimstone, Raze, Sage

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Credit: Riot Games

Chamber’s pick rate on Fracture has not suffered at all, even after the Trademark nerf. In fact, it has increased to the point where he was picked by all teams every time the map was played.

Chamber, Breach, and Brimstone are still mainstays in every Fracture agent composition. The French sentinel’s traps are still vital in watching flanks, while Breach’s Faultline stun is indispensable in setting up duelists before taking areas like A Main or B Tower.

Raze was the preferred duelist by most teams, even if Paper Rex, OpTic, and DRX are partial toward speedster Neon.

Finally, Viper doesn’t appear to be as popular as she was before, with both Fnatic and LOUD dropping her from their lineups. Nevertheless, FunPlus Phoenix still incorporated her into their game plan, running a double controller setup alongside Omen.

Bind — Raze, Viper, Brimstone, Chamber, Skye

Valorant's new map
Credit: Riot Games/Anessa Silzer

Raze was picked nearly the entire time on Bind, followed by Viper.

It’s difficult to replace Raze’s ability to clear enclosed areas such as Hookah and Lamps with her Paint Shells grenades. This allows teams to force opponents back more easily than Jett, who did not see the light of day at all on Bind in Denmark.

Double controller compositions remain popular on the desert map as well, where Viper is often paired with Brimstone. Her higher fuel drain when both Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active remains a liability, and a second dome smoker helps make for more reliable executes.

On the other hand, Omen was not picked at all on Bind in Copenhagen.

The most memorable exception is of course Paper Rex, who run Yoru, Raze, Brimstone, Breach, and Fade.

Breeze — Viper, Sova, Chamber, Jett, Skye/KAY/O

Breeze, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

The agent compositions on Breeze did not vary as much, with the fewest number of teams playing Breeze at Copenhagen. During the tournament, six out of 12 teams did not see the map at all.

Unsurprisingly, Viper is still the top pick on the map, thanks to her unmatched ability to block off multiple sightlines with Toxic Screen. She is followed by Sova, whose Recon Bolt is able to safely provide more information in areas that Fade’s Haunt cannot reach as easily, such as the back of A site.

When used in combination with KAY/O’s suppression blade and grenade, teams are able to clear angles and root out defenders, particularly on B site.

Paper Rex was once again the team to break the mold on Breeze, throwing caution to the winds and running a never-before-seen composition with Yoru, Neon, Astra, Breach, and Fade.

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