When Wanwan was released two years ago in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, she was considered one of the most unique marksman in the game. She has a one-of-a-kind dash mechanic, a built-in purify with Needles in Flowers, and an ultimate that makes you invincible.

She was then nerfed in the succeeding patches until she was no longer usable. Fortunately, patch 1.6.18 came along which buffed many marksman including the Agile Tiger.

What are the changes to his skills? Is she considered a meta marksman hero once again this patch? Let’s find out.

Wanwan’s skill changes in Mobile Legends patch 1.6.18

These are all the changes she received in patch 1.6.18.

Passive – Tiger Pace

  • Extra Damage Against Enemies With All Weaknesses Hit increased from 30% to 40%

Skill 1 – Swallow’s Path

  • Base Damage increased from 100-200 to 120-220

Ultimate – Crossbow of Tang

  • New Effect: Damage against creeps increases by 20-40% each time the Ultimate is upgraded.

Wawnwan’s main damaging skills have greatly increased. Although no new mechanic was introduced, the new effect to her ultimate can also make her viable jungler.

What do these buffs mean for Wanwan moving forward?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, E-girl Wanwan
Credit: Moonton

The numbers on Tiger Pace and Swallow’s Path were increased to make up for her weak early game. Now it’s more important for Wanwan to hit all the weaknesses of the enemy to maximize her damage output.

It will be hard at first but once you hit all the weaknesses and managed to activate your ultimate, all hell will break loose for the enemy side as they will feel the increased damage on her basic attacks.

Content creator David “Assassin Dave” Mao perfectly sums up just how strong Wanwan is in the current Mobile Legends patch 1.6.18.


Assassin Dave even stated that he can really tell just how strong the increased damage is in a team fight.

This new Wanwan buff is a welcome change for all those who want something new in their game, and hopefully we’ll see the Agile Tiger once again in pro play.

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