Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.6.18 made a lot of adjustments to marksman heroes. While many marksman received minor buffs, Popol and Kupa was the one who received a ton of changes that has since made him viable again as a gold laner.

Here are reasons why using the dynamic duo is almost a guaranteed win in your ranked games.

Popol and Kupa’s buffs in Mobile Legends patch 1.6.18

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Here are all the changes he received this patch 1.6.18. Compared to other marksmen, this hero received the most changes.

Basic attack

  • Attack Range decreased from 4.6 to 5

Passive – We are Friends

  • Mark Stacks decreased from 4 to 3
  • New Effect: Skill 2 and 3 also add marks on hit. Enhanced Basic Attack’s Damage increased from 200% to 220%
  • Kupa’s HP increased from 1300 + 70% of Popol’s HP to 2000 + 10 * Popol’s Physical Attack

Skill 1 – Bite Em, Kupa!

  • Popol’s Damage increased from 40-130 to 100-190
  • Kupa’s Damage decreased from 200-290 to 120-210

Skill 2 – Kupa, help!

  • Shield’s Physical Attack Bonus increased from 120% to 60%
  • Damage Boost Ratio in Alpha Wolf Form decreased from 150% to 125%
  • Airborne duration decreased from 0.6s to 0.2s

Ultimate – We are Angry!

  • Effect Removed: Kupa gains extra Physical Attack while the skill is active.
  • When Kupa is down, Popol will now automatically summon Kupa after recall (if not in cooldown)

Looking at the changes, playing him as a roamer is now out of the equation because of the decreased airborne duration in Kupa, Help! and Kupa receiving physical damage nerfs.

Popol and Kupa is now a beast in the gold lane and mid lane

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Hunting Pals Popol and Kupa
Credit: Moonton

Building Popol and Kupa with damage items in Mobile Legends patch 1.6.18 is now a must. Only three stacks are required to enhance Popol’s basic attack, and all damaging skills of Popol and Kupa now add marks on hit.

Not only that, Kupa’s HP now relies on Popol’s physical attack instead of Popol’s HP. Lastly, the increased range on his basic attacks are a welcome change, for it solidifies his marksman role even more.

On top of his increased damage, he still has crowd control skills which makes him dangerous either in the gold lane or mid lane.

What makes Popol and Kupa strong right now is the fact that he is one of the few marksmen who can go solo without needing the constant help of the roamer. He can set up traps at chokepoints to reveal where enemies are, has a ton of damage thanks to his buffs, and a reliable stun to disrupt ganks.

He might not be considered overpowered in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but he definitely is one of the best marksman to use right now.

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