Despite having a plethora of futuristic skins, none can rival the distinctiveness of Moskov‘s Violet Spear skin, his second Starlight skin.

This is the hero’s tenth skin after Spear of Bone Dragon, Snake Eye Commander, Yasha, Javelin Champion, Twilight Dragon, Decapitator, Blood Spear, and Doom Incarnate.

With this skin, Moskov undergoes a stunning transformation from a warrior consumed by the abyss to a cyborg equipped with cutting-edge weaponry.

Violet Spear Moskov preview and skill effects

Violet Spear Moskov character model
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The Violet Spear Moskov skin is unique in that it introduces a cyborg-like appearance to the character while simultaneously highlighting a more human side to him.

Moskov’s fair complexion in this skin is a stark contrast to his default skin, which saw him covered in violet. His transformation is further completed with the addition of brown hair.

The cyborg look is primarily attributed to the armor Moskov wears, which consists of a trenchcoat featuring technological properties.

A padded pauldron and a tight jumpsuit that shines brightly complete the look. Moskov’s eerie and soulless eyes serve as a significant indication of his cyborg persona.

As for his skills, he now throws spears that shine brightly in violet, but his ultimate skill Spear of Destruction is the true highlight of this skin.

Violet Spear Moskov Spear of Destruction ultimate
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Moskov charges his spear as a massive ball of lightning appears in front of him. He then launches the charged spear towards an enemy, creating a visually stunning effect on the battlefield, particularly when hitting multiple enemies at once.

Violet Spear Moskov will be available in the Starlight skin section tab on May 1 for 300 diamonds.

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