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Weary from his travels in the endless multiverse, Nolan has finally returned to the Land of Dawn — to the delight of all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassin mains.

The Cosmic Wayfinder is proving to be a lethal hero pick in ranked, equipped with abilities that can swiftly eliminate squishy damage dealers and tanky frontliners alike.

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A successful combination of Cosmic Leap, Expansion, and Gauge abilities can send enemies reeling, and the Fracture ultimate allows him to escape and reposition easily in the thick of battles. This makes Nolan an ideal choice for aggressive, high-tempo team compositions.

Although the assassin’s skill set allows him to dominate the battlefield, the hero truly reaches his potential when equipped with items that synergistically complement his aggressive playstyle and enhance his damage-dealing prowess.

The 3 best items for Nolan in Mobile Legends

Blade of the Heptaseas

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Attack equipment Blade of the Heptaseas
Credit: ONE Esports

No item in the game can boost your kill threat on Nolan more than the Blade of the Heptaseas.

The item’s unique passive, Ambush, functions similarly to Nolan’s passive, Cosmic Leap, enhancing your next Basic Attack after a few seconds without taking damage. Essentially, you’ll proc both Nolan’s passive and the item’s passive when you hit opponents with a Basic Attack.

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Outside of the item’s passive, this piece of equipment also packs a huge boost in Physical Attack as well as Physical Penetration, two stats that you need to strengthen early to snowball. Likewise, it also gives a slight boost in HP which can help you survive better in fights.

Hunter Strike

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Attack equipment Hunter Strike
Credit: ONE Esports

Double down on your damage-dealing capability by adding Hunter Strike in the item build.

It works excellently with the Blade of the Heptaseas and allows the Cosmic Wayfinder to deal even more significant physical damage. This is because the item provides additional Physical Penetration on top of the boost in Physical Attack.

Moreover, it also packs Cooldown Reduction, allowing you to abuse the Dimensional Rift passive, dealing damage and crowd-control effects.

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Outside of the stats, what makes the item an attractive choice for Nolan is its passive, Retribution, where the hero gets a huge boost in Movement Speed when he deals damage to a hero or creeps for a specified number of times.

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Essentially, this increases your camp-clearing and ganking power when you play the hero as a jungler.

Malefic Roar

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Attack equipment Malefic Roar
Credit: ONE Esports

Heroes from the enemy team will try to start buffing their Physical Defense starting in the mid-game to negate your Physical Damage as Nolan. But fear not. This can be easily solved by acquiring the attack item, Malefic Roar.

More than the boost in Physical Attack, the item brings a huge boost in Physical Penetration that can help bypass the enemy’s physical armor. But what makes it even more exceptional is its unique passive, Armor Buster.

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Each time you attack a hero, you gain an extra percentage of Physical Penetration for each point of their Physical Defense. This means that the more defensive items the enemy hero has, the higher damage you can deal to him.

Overall, the earlier you get offensive items for Nolan, the easier it is to take over the game.

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