There are many things to look forward to at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 10 (MPL MY Season 10).

The first Filipino import in MPL MY is former ONIC PH’s Jaylord “Hate” Gonzales, who joined Team SMG.

The first Filipino coach, Theo “Raizen” Eusebio, will lead Suhaz Esports this season.

New teams Team AHQ and Team Lunatix will also make their professional debut after besting more than 100 teams in the qualifier.

Here is everything you need to know about MPL MY Season 10, including the schedule, results, format, and where to watch.

What is MPL MY Season 10?

Todak's winning moment during the grand final of MPL MY Season 9
Screenshot by Alfa Rizki/ONE Esports ID

MPL MY Season 10 is the first official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament in Malaysia, featuring some of the best teams in the region battling it out for three months on the big stage.

Ten teams, two of which secured their slot in the qualifiers, will fight in the Land of Dawn to win the lion’s share of the US$100,000 prize pool.

Similar to the previous season, the regular season will be held offline and will have a live audience.

MPL MY Season 10 format

The 10 participating teams are divided into two groups, Group A and B.

The first phase of the tournament will be played in a best-of-three format. The second phase will involve the two groups competing against each other in a single-round format.

The top four teams in each bracket will qualify for the playoffs, while the bottom teams in each group will need to participate in the qualifier again to retain their slot.

The playoffs will run in a double elimination bracket, except for the grand final, which will be a best-of-seven series.

MPL MY Season 10 playoffs schedule

October 13 (Thursday)

RSG MY2 — 0Team Lunatix
RED Esports2 — 1Team SMG
Todak2 — 0Homebois

October 14 (Friday)

Orange Esports2 — 0Team HAQ
RSG MY2 — 1HomeBois
RED Esports0 — 2Team HAQ

October 15 (Saturday)

Todak3 — 1Orange Esports
RSG MY0 — 2Team HAQ
Orange Esports0 — 2Team HAQ

October 16 (Sunday)

Todak2 — 4Team HAQ

MPL MY Season 10 schedule

MPL MY Season 10 groups
Credit: Moonton

Week 1

August 5 (Friday)

Todak2 — 0Suhaz Esports
Homebois1 — 2RED Esports

August 6 (Saturday)

Team SMG2 — 1RSG MY
Suhaz Esports0 — 2Team HAQ
Team Lunatix2 — 0Team Caracal

August 7 (Sunday)

Team HAQ2 — 1Team SMG
Team Caracal1 — 2RED Esports
Orange Esports2 — 1Homebois

Week 2

August 12 (Friday)

RED Esports1 — 2Orange Esports
Todak2 — 1Team HAQ

August 13 (Saturday)

Team Lunatix2 — 1RED Esports
Suhaz Esports0 — 2Team SMG
Orange Esports2 — 1Team Caracal

August 14 (Sunday)

RSG MY0 — 2Team HAQ
Team SMG0 — 2Todak
Team Lunatix1 — 2Homebois

Week 3

August 19 (Friday)

Suhaz Esports0 — 2Team HAQ
Homebois2 — 0Team Caracal

August 20 (Saturday)

RSG MY2 — 1Todak
Team HAQ1 — 2Team SMG
Team Lunatix1 — 2Orange Esports

August 21 (Sunday)

Suhaz Esports0 — 2RSG MY
Homebois2 — 0Team Lunatix
RED Esports0 — 2Orange Esports

Week 4

August 26 (Friday)

Team Caracal1 — 2RED Esports
Team SMG0 — 2RSG MY

August 27 (Saturday)

Orange Esports2 — 0Homebois
Todak2 — 1Suhaz Esports
Team Caracal1 — 2Team Lunatix

August 28 (Sunday)

RSG MY0 — 2Team HAQ
Team SMG2 — 0Todak
RED Esports0 — 2Homebois

Week 5

September 2 (Friday)

Suhaz Esports0 — 2Team SMG
Orange Esports2 — 0Team Caracal

September 3 (Saturday)

Todak2 — 0Team HAQ
RSG MY2 — 0Suhaz Esports
Team Lunatix0 — 2RED Esports

September 6 (Sunday)

Homebois2 — 1Team Caracal
Team Lunatix0 — 2Orange Esports
Todak2 — 0RSG MY

Week 6

September 9 (Friday)

Team SMG1 — 2RED Esports
RSG SG2 — 0Team Lunatix

September 10 (Saturday)

Suhaz Esports1 — 2Team Caracal
RSG MY 2 — 1Homebois
Team HAQ2 — 0RED Esports

September 11 (Sunday)

Suhaz Esports0 — 2Orange Esports
Team SMG0 — 2Team Caracal
Todak1 — 2Homebois

Week 7

September 16 (Friday)

Team HAQ0 — 2Homebois
Todak2 — 0Team Lunatix

September 17 (Saturday)

RSG MY2 – 0Team Caracal
Suhaz Esports2 – 0Team Lunatix
Team HAQ2 – 1Orange Esports

September 18 (Sunday)

Todak2 — 1RED Esports
RSG MY0 — 2Orange Esports
Team SMG2 — 0Homebois

Week 8

September 23 (Friday)

Team SMG2 — 0Orange Esports
RSG MY2 — 0RED Esports
Team HAQ2 — 1Team Caracal

September 24 (Saturday)

Suhaz Esports0 — 2RED Esports
Team HAQ0 — 2Team Lunatix
Todak2 — 1Team Caracal

September 25 (Sunday)

Team SMG1 — 2Team Lunatix
Suhaz Esports2 — 1Homebois
Todak1 — 2Orange Esports

Where to watch MPL MY Season 10?

MPL MY Season 10 casters
Credit: Moonton

Fans living in Malaysia can watch the matches live at Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are sold online at the Ticket2u website, the official vendor of the tournament.

Fans outside Malaysia can watch the matches live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Facebook and YouTube channels:

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