The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 9 will begin in a few days, and all of the teams have locked in their roster for the season.

From fresh faces to returning veterans, the first official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang league this year in Indonesia looks absolutely stacked.

Here is a full list of every team competing at MPL ID Season 9, including their names and roles.

Full roster of every team competing in MPL ID Season 9

Alter Ego

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9 coaching staff of Alter Ego
Credit: Alter Ego

Alter Ego promoted three players from Alter Ego X, namely, Devara Reynanda “DevKoch” Putra, Prayoga “Rexlona” Naufal, and Fahmi “AMYYY”. In turn, two veteran players, Ahmad “Ahmad” Abdurrahman and Julian “LeoMurphy” Murphy, have joined Alter Ego X.

The team retained its core players, who breezed through the ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2020 undefeated up until their grand final sweep over Bren Esports.

Muhammad Julian “Udil” ArdiansyahMidlane
Eldin Rahadian “Celiboy” PutraJungler
Syauki “Nino” Fauzan SGold lane
Rafly Alvareza “Pai” SudrajatEXP lane
Rasya Arga “Rasy” WisitaRoamer
Prayoga “Rexlona” NaufalMidlane
Fahmi “AMYYY”Jungler
Devara Reynanda “DevKoch” PutraRoamer

Aura Fire

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9 players, Jehuda Jordan “High” Sumual, Erico “God1va”, and Fluffy
Credit: Aura Fire

Aura Fire switched up their jungler for the season. Michael Giovanni “Variety” Tjandra moved to their MDL team, while Jamet was promoted.

Jamet will share the jungle position with Jehuda Jordan “High” Sumual, and will be guided by veterans in the team, such as Erico “God1va” and Usep “Facehugger” Satiawan.

Jehuda Jordan “High” SumualJungler
Erico “God1va”Roamer
Usep “Facehugger” SatiawanMidlane
FluffyEXP lane
Leonardo Prasetyo “Kabuki” AgungGold lane

Bigetron Alpha

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9, Bigetron Alpha
Credit: Bigetron Esports

Bigetron Alpha will compete this season without their star jungler, Jabran “Branz” Wiloko. This means that former Genflix Aerowolf Agung “Bottle” Dita will be the sole jungler of the team.

All key players of Bigetron Alpha, such as Hengky “kyy” Gunawan, Deven “Renbo” Markos, Muhammad “Rippo” Arif, have also remained in the lineup.

Hengky “kyy” GunawanRoamer
Deven “Renbo” MarkosMidlane
Muhammad “Rippo” ArifEXP lane
Matthew “Matt” GeraldoEXP lane
Agung “Bottle” DitaJungler
Gusti Made Indra “Xorizo” DwipayanaEXP lane
Maxwell “Maxx” AlessandroGold lane

EVOS Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9 team, EVOS Legends
Credit: EVOS Esports

EVOS Legends had a lot of ups and downs after their M1 World Championship victory, but still they manage to be on top of their game every season, and won another trophy last MPL ID Season 7.

This season, EVOS Legends announced that star players Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan and Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah will join the organization’s MDL team, while Wyvorz and Cr1te will now take their spot at MPL ID Season 9.

Jungler and rookie sensation of MPL ID Season 7, Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin, is also back in the roster, and will be the team’s only jungler for the season.

Gustian “Rekt”Roamer
Ihsan Besari “Luminaire” KusudanaMidlane/Support
Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” KamaruddinJungler
Hafizhan Hidayatullah “Clover” MirzaputraMidlane
Maxhill “Antimage” LeonardoEXP lane
FalahGold lane
Vincentius Ivan “Vaanstrong” AdriantoGold lane
WyvorzEXP lane

Geek Fam

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9 roster, Geek Fam
Credit: MPL Indonesia

After failing to reach the playoffs once again, Geek Fam went back to the drawing board and reshuffled its roster for MPL ID Season 9.

The only remaining players from last season are Rendy “RenV” Kurniawan and Schwann. New players from MDL and the amateur scene have been added. It’s exciting to see what the revamped roster have in store for its fans. After all, a new team might bring lead to new strategies we haven’t seen before.

MaevzEXP lane
SchwannGold lane
Rendy “RenV” KurniawanRoamer

ONIC Esports

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9 roster, ONIC Esports
Credit: ONIC Esports

MPL ID defending champion ONIC Esports only switched up one player in the roster this season. Viorenita “Vior” Sutanto will fill the midlane role after the sudden departure of Adriand Larsen “Drian” Wong.

ONIC Esports’ largely unchanged lineup will attempt to defend their title this season. With veterans Gilang “SANZ” and Muhammad Satrya “Butss” Sanubari still leading the squad, the possibility of a back-to-back championship is well within reach.

Muhammad Satrya “Butss” SanubariEXP lane
Calvin “CW” WinataGold lane
Moch “Sir Ft Lans” Yasier AGold lane
Viorenita “Vior” SutantoMidlane
Gilang “SANZ”Jungler
Nicky “Kiboy” FernandoRoamer

Rebellion Zion

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID Season 9, Rebellion Zion
Credit: MPL Indonesia

Rebellion Zion was the latest team to enter the league last season. Despite their valiant effort in the regular season, they weren’t able to qualify for the playoffs.

The team made a few adjustments in their lineup with the addition of Dyrennn and Swaylow. Vall, B1rul, and Jiisaa will suit up with the organization once again, as they hope to finally reach the playoffs and maybe even win it all this time around.

DyrennnEXP lane
B1rulGold lane

RRQ Hoshi

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang RRQ Hoshi's new lineup, including the return of Lemon, for MPL ID Season 9
Credit: RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi has all eyes on the prize this season, as star player Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan announced his return to MPL ID Season 9 after taking a short break last season.

The King of Kings will field their usual lineup, along with two Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League standouts, Riko “Violence” and Edi “Yummy” Susanto. Even though Yesaya Omega Armando “Xinnn” Wowiling will be taking this time around, RRQ Hoshi is still a formidable opponent.

Rivaldi “R7” FatahEXP lane
Deden Muhammad “Clayyy” NurhasanMidlane
Teguh Imam “Psychoo” FirdausMidlane
Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” IskandarJungler
Calvin “Vynnn”Roamer
Muhammad “Lemon” IkhsanAll role
Schevenko David “Skylarr” TendeanGold lane
Jason Keane “Aether” ZefanyaJungler
Riko “Violence”Roamer
Edi “Yummy” SusantoEXP lane

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