Moonton has unexpectedly released balance adjustments in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.20, just a day after MPL PH and MPL ID concluded.

According to the game developers, these unannounced changes came from the feedback and data they collected from the qualifying rounds of the recently-concluded professional leagues. Some of the changes will be applied in this update, while the rest will be rolled out in the next major patch.

Heroes who received buffs were the least played in the professional scene, such as Hylos, Leomord, Martis, and Harith. Conversely, heroes who dominated the current meta such as Paquito, Esmeralda, and Balmond were toned down.

Here are all the adjustments and changes in patch 1.7.20.

All heroes changes in patch 1.7.20


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Hylos
Credit: Moonton

Skill 2 – Ring of Punishment

  • Max stacks decreased from 10 to 8
  • Attack speed reduced per stack from 5% to 7.5%-15%


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Leomord
Credit: Moonton

Passive – The Oathkeeper

  • Crit conditions changed from below 35% HP to below 50% HP

Skill 2 – Decimation Assault

  • Cooldown adjusted from 14-9 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Enhanced Decimation Assault will have an adjusted cooldown from 7.5-5 seconds to 6 seconds

Ultimate – Phantom Seed

  • Defense buff now increased from 40-80 to 30-110


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, tank Martis
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Ashura’s Wrath

  • New effect: At full stacks, Martis gains an additional 10-150 physical attack (scales with level)

Skill 2 – Mortal Coil

  • With the first dash, Martis can move right through thin walls


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Harith
Credit: Moonton

Skill 2 – Chrono Dash

  • Shield magic power bonus increased from 120% to 140%
  • Bonus attack damage magic power bonus increased from 80% to 100%


Credit: Moonton

Skill 2 – Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow

  • Duration increased from five seconds to six seconds

Ougi – Shadow Kill

  • Base damage adjusted from 130-150 to 140 at all levels
  • Extra damage increased from 45-55 to 45-85


Skill 2 – Execution Strike

  • Cooldown decreased from 9-7 seconds to 7-4.5 seconds


Ultimate – Detona’s Welcome

  • Max HP increased from 20% to 30%
  • Passive stacks when resurrected increased from 5-15 to 5-25
  • Slightly increased the control AOE but lowered the damage AOE so two are now matched


Basic attacks

  • Bennett’s damage increased from 230-300% physical attack to 232-330% physical attack


  • Wesker now has increased physical damage bonus from 130 to 155%
  • Nibiru now has increased physical bonus from 40% to 50%


Ultimate – Hurricane Dance

  • Cooldown adjusted from 55-47 seconds to 55 seconds at all levels
  • Base damage increased from 180-420 to 200-450


Ultimate – Lethal Counter

  • Non-hero unit damage cap decreased from 1300-2500 to 1000-2000


Passive – Primal Force

  • Lifesteal ratio decreased from 32-60% to 30%


Skill 1 – Frostmoon Shield

  • Base shield decreased from 400-850 to 300-750
  • Reduced the speed at which nearby enemies’ shield is converted into own shield


Enhanced Skill 2 – Jab

  • Damage decreased from 240-720+240% total physical attack to 240-640+215% total physical attack

Ultimate – Knockout Strike

  • Haymaker damage from 350-600+100% total physical attack to 300-450+90% total physical attack
  • Uppercut base damage decreased from 400-750 to 400-600


Ultimate – Primal Darkness

  • Cooldown increased from 4.5/4/3.5/3 seconds to 5.5/4.8/4/3 seconds


Skill 2 – Sword

  • Damage increased from 300-420+48% magic power to 400-540+80% magic power

Enhanced Skill 3 – Sword

  • Damage decreased from 90-130+20% magic power to 60-80+100% magic power
  • Lifesteal ratio increased from 50% to 100%

Skill 3 – Chain

  • Damage increased from 200-280+50% magic power to 300-440+100% magic power

Enhanced Skill 3 – Chain

  • Continuous damage decreased from 64-96+20% magic power to 40-60+10% magic power

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