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Need a ride? Johnson, the Mustang, possesses one of the abilities that are completely unique to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Using his ultimate, Full Throttle, the tank/support hero can transform into a car, and forcefully smash into enemies, dealing huge damage and slowing them down. What’s more, he can bring along an ally during this assault.

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Furthermore, he has a stun, slow, and shield gain effects in his skill set, making him a formidable initiator.

This complete ONE Esports guide will help you dominate using one of the most distinctive heroes in the game.

Johnson’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Electro Airbag

When Johnson’s HP drops below a certain percentage, he gains a shield for several seconds. This skill has a long cooldown.

  • The shield provided by Electro Airbag relies on your physical defense. This means that acquiring physical defense items will result in a larger shield.
  • When triggered, the skill icon appears alongside buffs and effects. It disappears once it becomes available again.
  • Use the shield to absorb turret attacks for your teammates when they dive enemies.

First skill – Impact Wrench

Johnson throws his wrench toward the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path. Enemies around the landing point are stunned.

  • Unlock Impact Wrench first to prevent enemies from invading your jungle, or create an opportunity to get a kill.
  • You can manually control the range of the projectile for better accuracy. To do this, hold down the skill button, and release it in your desired direction.

Second skill – Electromagnetic Waves

Johnson raises his shield, continuously dealing magic damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in the target direction and slowing them. Each instance of damage also increases the enemy’s subsequent damage taken from the skill. This damage is increased against creeps.

  • You can move, and use Impact Wrench as well as basic attacks for the duration of Electromagnetic Waves.
  • Use the movement joystick to direct the rays toward your intended target.
  • Prioritize maxing out this skill first, as it is great for poking enemies and clearing minion waves.

Ultimate – Full Throttle

Johnson transforms into a car, and begins accelerating over time. An allied hero can use Hop In when near Johnson to board the car (only one allied hero can ride with him). The car will explode upon hitting an enemy hero or obstacle, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, stunning them, and creating an electrified zone at the location. The zone continuously deals magic damage and slows enemies within.

While in car state, tap Brake to stop immediately or hold Nitrous to continuously gain speed for up to several seconds. His location will be revealed to the enemy team for a few seconds when casting this skill.

Passive: His physical defense is increased by a certain percentage.

  • It’s important to wait for your target to show up on the map before using Full Throttle. However, if you’re adept at controlling the car and good at predicting enemy positions, you can use it preemptively.
  • The stun duration scales with speed. Use Nitrous whenever crashing into enemies to maximize the stun.
  • Avoid driving past minion waves, so your direction will not be exposed.
  • You can also make your movement unpredictable by starting in your base and driving around the Crystal before heading to your target. Additionally, you can circle around the two pits in the river area while waiting for your target to show up in the lane.
  • Avoid targeting tanky enemies, unless you or your ally on board has sufficient damage to take them down. Instead, focus on crashing into the enemy backline, as that is typically where important heroes tend to position themselves.
  • By tapping on the Brake (same as ultimate’s button) early, you can stop suddenly and stun nearby enemies, making it hard for them to react.
  • Once your onboard ally moves or attacks, they will alight from the car.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Johnson in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Johnson guide-Vengeance and Petrify battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

As Johnson, choosing Vengeance as your battle spell is highly recommended since you will consistently find yourself in the midst of team fights.

This mitigates the damage inflicted by opponents and even reflects a portion back to them.

Alternatively, you can select Petrify for additional crowd control when you collide with enemies using Full Throttle.

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This immobilizes and slows down nearby enemies, rendering their escape from Full Throttle’s electrified zone more challenging.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends Johnson guide-Tank and Mage emblem setups
Credit: ONE Esports

Go for Tank emblem if you serve as the primary damage absorber for your team. Pick Firmness and Tenacity in the first two tiers for extra physical and magic defense.

For the primary talent, you can choose between Concussive Blast or Focusing Mark. Concussive Blast deals HP-based damage to nearby enemies, while Focusing Mark increases allied heroes’ damage to your target.

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However, if your team already has a tanky EXP laner and you opt for a magic build, select Mage emblem instead. Choose Inspire in the first tier for cooldown reduction, and Tenacity in the second tier.

Pick Lethal Ignition as your key talent to inflict burn damage to enemies when you hit them using Rapid Touchdown.

Johnson best build

Mobile Legends Johnson guide-best build
Credit: ONE Esports

Deciding on the item build for Johnson depends on your role and playstyle.

If you’re playing as a tank, it is recommended to boost your physical defense by purchasing Blade Armor, Antique Cuirass, and Dominance Ice. This will effectively amplify the shield provided by Electro Airbag.

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Balance your build with a proper magic defense item. Choose between Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor based on the other team’s composition.

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Furthermore, invest in Immortality to improve your survivability, particularly in the late game.

The best build for Johnson in Mobile Legends

  • Warrior or Tough Boots (Encourage or Dire Hit roaming blessing)
  • Blade armor
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Dominance Ice
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Immortality

On the other hand, if you’re serving as a damage dealer, it is advisable to focus on acquiring magic items.

Get Arcane Boots for magic penetration or Magic Shoes for cooldown reduction. Equip Dire Hit blessing if you’re the roamer.

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Proceed to purchase Ice Queen Wand, which will amplify the slowing effect on opponents within Full Throttle’s electrified zone.

Buy Holy Crystal for a significant boost in magic power, Glowing Wand for sustained magic DPS, and either Divine Glaive or Genius Wand for penetration.

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Complete your build with Immortality for added durability and survivability.

The best magic build for Johnson in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots or Magic Shoes (Dire Hit)
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Glowing Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

In the laning phase, support your allies in exerting pressure on your opponents. Impact Wrench can stun them, followed by Electromagnetic Waves to inflict significant damage.

Once you reach level four, it’s recommended to recall to your base first in order to prepare for a well-executed Full Throttle. Upon hitting your target, activate Electromagnetic Waves and stun them with Impact Wrench.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Johnson S.A.B.E.R. Automata skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Whenever possible, bring along an ally, particularly your mid laner, to increase the likelihood of a successful gank. Some of the best heroes to pair up with Johnson are Kadita, Odette, and Bane, owing to their exceptional damage output.

To make your Full Throttle less predictable, reveal yourself by crossing the river in the middle lane before redirecting towards your target. Moreover, you can traverse the pathways within the jungle area. However, this requires proficient maneuvering.

Controlling Full Throttle may be challenging at first. Nevertheless, with enough practice, you will eventually master it.

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