The Sky Kings are Kings of the Galaxy once more.

Fnatic ONIC silenced all their doubters after conquering the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 13 (MPL ID Season 13), defeating EVOS Glory, 4-2, in a thrilling grand final.

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The win marks the team’s fourth consecutive MPL ID title after first winning it in MPL ID Season 10.

Fnatic ONIC tames EVOS Glory in the MPL ID Season 13 grand final

Fnatic ONIC went on a magnificent playoff campaign to book a ticket to the MPL ID Season 13 grand finals.

At the start of their playoff run, they faced a gritty Geek Fam team who they edged out in five games, before making quick work of their eventual grand finals opponents, EVOS Glory, 3-0.

Meanwhile, EVOS Glory whipped out a Cinderella run onto the final stage, taking down Liquid Aura in the play-ins, and upsetting first seed Bigetron Alpha in the second round.

After being pushed to the Lower Bracket, the White Tigers narrowly escaped the Geeks to set up an Upper Bracket finals rematch, but the results were similar.

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Despite trailing in the early game, Fnatic ONIC showed their championship composure, turning things around in the opener.

The Yellow Porcupines found their fightback at the 16th-minute Lord Dance, wiping three EVOS Glory members before marching down the enemy base to take game one.

Fnatic ONIC rode the momentum from their game one win to bury EVOS in a 6.7k gold deficit in the second game.

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EVOS Glory showed some resistance in the late game, going as far as sieging the base of the reigning champions with the Evolved Lord in the 19th minute.

But Calvin “CW” Winata’s brilliant play on the Roger saved the day for the Sonics. The FNOC gold layer wiped three White Tigers in the reengage, opening the midlane for the death push in the next minute.

CW replicated his masterful Roger performance in the next game alongside EXP laner, Lutpi “Lutpiii” Ardianto who demonstrated the full power of the Masha.

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Fnatic ONIC’s side laners listed 8/0/5 and 9/2/2 KDAs to take their team to match point.

EVOS Glory flipped the script in two consecutive games on the back of Rachmad “DreamS” Wahyudi on his signature Franco.

The veteran roamer connected timely Iron Hooks, picking off key targets that allowed the White Tigers to control team fights in both the fourth and fifth game.

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The White Tigers tried to equalize in the sixth game but found themselves at the mercy of Fnatic ONIC’s mobile team composition.

Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol anchored his team in the closeout game on the Baxia, initiating fights and controlling objectives, finishing the game with a 2/1/3 KDA.

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