Nolan stands out from other assassin heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to his unique abilities.

Aside from his ability to create portals around the battlefield to deal damage, his ultimate, Fracture, allows him to cleanse crowd control effects and deal massive amounts of damage at the same time.

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Additionally, What makes him a reliable choice for many is that he is easy to play.

To shut down the Cosmic Wayfinder effectively, you have two primary options: You can either select a hero with a strong early-game presence or opt for a hero with a suppression skill.

These three heroes can counter assassin hero Nolan in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


When facing Nolan as a jungler, your best strategy is to select heroes capable of securing kills within the initial five minutes of the match.

One ideal hero fitting this criterion is Martis.

Martis proves to be an exceptional jungle hero during the early game, given his ability to outburst Nolan in a 1v1.

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In the early game, invade the enemy jungle and execute his usual Ashura Wrath, Mortal Coil, and Decimation combo whenever you spot the Cosmic Wayfinder on the map. This tactic is likely to tip the scales in your favor in any ensuing skirmish.

In terms of itemization, focus on acquiring pure physical items early on, such as Hunter’s Strike or Blade of Heptaseas.

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Later in the game, as Nolan starts to build defensive items, consider transitioning to physical penetration items like Malefic Roar.


Franco is one of the few heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who has a suppress skill with his ultimate, Bloody Hunt.

This distinct ability makes him effective in taking on Nolan, who becomes significantly more vulnerable without access to his Fracture cleanse.

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In the early game, adopt an aggressive approach by harassing the Cosmic Wayfinder in the enemy jungle. Utilize your Iron Hook skill to target enemy buffs, thereby delaying Nolan’s rotation and disrupting his progress.

Once you reach level four and unlock your ultimate, Bloody Hunt, prioritize hunting Nolan in team fights. This tactic often guarantees a successful kill, especially when combined with the presence of burst assassins and marksmen on your team.


Khufra, despite lacking a suppression skill like Franco, remains a strong choice when facing the Cosmic Wayfinder, provided you play him effectively.

All of his skills possess crowd control elements, making it challenging for opponents to maneuver, even if they have crowd control cleanse abilities.

During team fights, prioritize Nolan as your target. Utilize Tyrant’s Revenge to initiate, and activate Bouncing Ball once he’s in the air.

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If Nolan uses Fracture, execute a Flicker and Tyrant’s Rage combo near a wall to fully immobilize him, enabling your teammates to secure the kill.

Mastering this combo may require practice, but it proves highly effective once perfected.

Regarding itemization, consider opting for physical defense items like Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor to reduce and reflect a portion of Nolan’s damage.

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