Born into nobility and entwined with dark magic through her love for Cecilion, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Carmilla transcends her human origins to become a figure of immense power.

The Shadow of Twilight is known not only for her intriguing backstory but also for her well-rounded skill kit.

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She has a vampiric essence that allows her to drain life, as well as crowd control spells to disrupt enemy formations. This allows her to fit in many team compositions and become impactful in fights, especially in prolonged engagements.

In this comprehensive ONE Esports guide, we dive deeper into her abilities, strategies, and the best build to maximize her potential.

Carmilla’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Vampire Pact

Carmilla reduces the Physical and Magic Defense of enemy heroes, which scales with her level and deals damage to them. This defense reduction can only be applied to each enemy once within a set interval. The diminished Physical and Magic Defense that Carmilla acquired can accumulate for several stacks and remain effective for a certain period.

  • By engaging enemy heroes, Carmilla can significantly increase her survivability. This makes her an exceptional hero in prolonged fights where sustained damage and defense are crucial.
  • Aim to actively participate in skirmishes to continuously benefit from the defense boost provided by the passive skill.

First skill – Crimson Flower

Carmilla brings out Crimson Flowers that spin around her for a duration. If these Crimson Flowers touch an enemy, they spin faster, dealing Magic Damage to that enemy and slowing them for a few seconds. Every time the Crimson Flowers comes in contact with enemies, Carmilla gets some of her HP back.

  • This is a powerful, dual purpose ability. It allows you to both deal damage and regenerate HP.
  • To maximize the effects of this skill, aim to come in contact with multiple enemy heroes simultaneously.

Second skill – Blood Bath

Carmilla harnesses Bloodbath Energy, significantly boosting her Movement Speed. Upon activating this ability again, Carmilla directs the accumulated Bloodbath Energy towards a specific enemy, inflicting Magic Damage and stunning the target for a brief period.

The amount of damage inflicted, and the duration of the stun are directly proportional to the amount of Bloodbath Energy Carmilla gathers.

  • Use this skill to initiate fights by stunning key targets, or save it for crucial moments to escape or chase down fleeing enemies.
  • The stun duration and damage increase with the accumulation of Bloodbath Energy, so timing and target selection are crucial.

Ultimate – Curse of Blood

Carmilla unleashes her Curse of Blood on a chosen enemy hero. This curse then radiates from the struck enemy to other nearby enemy heroes, inflicting Magic Damage and reducing their movement speed for a set period. The reduction in speed decreases quickly over time.

This curse can affect multiple targets simultaneously, up to a predefined limit. Importantly, if any one of the cursed targets is attacked or immobilized, the rest of the affected enemies will also suffer damage and experience control effects, albeit at reduced intensity and duration.

  • This ability shines in team fights, where grouped-up enemies can be punished.
  • Coordinate with your team to capitalize on the curse’s effects, and focus fire on cursed targets to amplify damage.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Carmilla in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support Carmilla recommended battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Vengeance works well with Carmilla’s kit because it reduces incoming damage and reflects a portion of it to the attacker.

Vengeance not only enhances her survivability but also prevents enemies from focusing her down, allowing her to survive longer and continuously apply her debuffs and crowd control.

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Other than that, Petrify is also a good battle spell option. Given Carmilla’s role as a disruptor and initiator, Petrify complements her play style.

This can be instrumental in setting up kills or even peeling for teammates. For a hero who thrives amid chaos, the ability to momentarily stun multiple opponents can turn the tide of a fight.

Recommended emblem

Credit: ONE Esports

The extra defense from Firmness can be the difference between life and death for a hero like Carmilla in the early game. This boost in durability allows her to sustain more damage, enabling her to become an effective disruptor and protector.

Tenacity further amplifies Carmilla’s toughness by granting her an increase in both physical and magical defense when her health drops below a certain percentage.

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This talent synergizes well with her kit, particularly her passive, Vampire Pact, which already provides her with a mechanism to become tankier as she engages in combat.

Lastly, Concussive Blast adds an offensive edge to Carmilla’s arsenal. This talent causes her Basic Attacks to emit a shockwave every few seconds, dealing additional magic damage to enemies.

Carmilla best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support Carmilla best build
Credit: ONE Esports

After boots, prioritize getting Dominance Ice. The item is vital for reducing the attack speed and regeneration of nearby enemies and provides a significant amount of mana and cooldown reduction.

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Get the Cursed Helmet afterward. This increases her magic resistance, and grants her a passive ability that deals continuous magic damage to nearby enemies.

Transition to the midgame by boosting your Physical Damage with Antique Cuirass. This equipment significantly reduces the impact of Physical Damage dealers on her, making her an even tougher hero to take down.

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Acquire Athena’s Shield for the hefty boost to your magic defense and HP, along with a passive shield. This makes you much harder to kill in the late game, especially by magic damage, and allows you to engage in team fights with greater confidence.

For your final item, you can either take Immortality or Guardian’s Helmet. Purchase Immortality for late-game insurance, but if you want to play more aggressively, take Guardian’s Helmet.

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Guardian’s Helmet significantly boosts Carmilla’s uptime, allowing you to heal up quickly after skirmishes and be ready for the next engagement without having to retreat to your base.

The best build for Carmilla in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Guardian’s Helmet

Tips and easy combos to learn

Carmilla’s skill set revolves around weakening her enemies while improving her and her allies’ sustainability.

As a support with strong roaming capabilities, the Shadow of Twilight can move across the map to provide assistance where needed. Utilize her mobility to set up ganks and secure objectives, to ensure your team maintains pressure across the map.

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With Curse of Blood, you can initiate team fights by linking enemies, amplifying the damage they receive. Timing this with your team’s burst damage can decimate enemy heroes before they have a chance to react.

In defensive scenarios, use Crimson Flower and Blood Bath to slow and harass enemies to protect your carries and disrupt enemy advances.

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Carmilla, with her unique blend of mobility, healing, and crowd control, offers a dynamic gameplay experience for those willing to master her. By understanding the strengths and limitations of her abilities, you can unlock her full potential.

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