Two tanks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are getting new, fiery skins! Fuel Turbine Atlas and Volcanic Overlord Khufra are here to light it up in the Land of Dawn.

As with other new heroes, Atlas received one skin, Reactor Core, in conjunction with his release earlier this year. Fuel Turbine is more than an orange recolor. It comes with new, flammable skill effects that sends molten rocks flying when his ultimate, Fatal Links, is used.

Perfect Match also has an obvious, more decorated force field effect. The best part is that he’s fully golden now, and looks brighter than his original gray armor.

The way Khufra supposedly got his epic skin is rather funny. In the trailer, Balmond axes him into the lava, and out pops an upgraded, menacing demon who had a complete makeover.

His fourth skin, Volcanic Overlord completely changes Khufra’s appearance. All his skill effects showcase his molten chains in flashy fashion, upping his level of tyranny.

Credit: Moonton

While the skin has been received positively by the community, Mobile Legends YouTube content creator Hororo chan voiced her disappointment, for she originally wanted a “toilet tissue” Khufra epic skin instead.

We’re not sure if the resident Desert Tyrant would appreciate that, but fans definitely will!

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