There were many exciting moments in the recently-concluded Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League ID Season 7, and one of those moments has to be EVOS Legends taking the crown once again.

But did you know that according to EVOS Legends’ Gustian “REKT” Hidayat, one team in the Philippines was a big factor in how the meta in MPL ID panned out?

That team was Blacklist International.

REKT on how Blacklist International helped EVOS Legends

In an interview on Jonathan Liandi’s EMPETALK, REKT mentions that EVOS Legends drew inspiration from Blacklist International’s two-support strategy.

“I say it right now, all Indonesian teams learned the two-support meta from Blacklist International,” he said.

What’s the two-support meta?

The two-support meta, or the ‘nice one, baby meta’ refers to a playstyle where utility supports are used to help the core at all times instead of the usual mage and tank lineup.

This places great emphasis on survivability and keeping the jungler alive at all costs unlike the usual team composition where mages are usually used to deal damage or set up plays.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes, Rafaela, Angela, and Diggie
Credit: Moonton

Although Blacklist International isn’t the only team using the nice one, baby meta in the Philippines, it was them, particularly OhMyV33nus and Wise, who pioneered the unique yet strong strategy.

In Indonesia, the meta began to surface when Bigetron Alpha defeated Genflix Aerowolf during the fifth week of the regular season.

The nice one, baby meta immediately swept the region and even helped REKT and the rest of the EVOS Legends squad in their grand final victory against Bigetron Alpha.

Catch Blacklist International as they face off against M2 world champion Bren Esports in the first round of the MPL PH S7 playoffs on Thursday, May 27.

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