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Bane is one of the most versatile heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

With his distinctive skill set, the octopus-like pirate can excel in the jungle, side lanes, or mid lane. Additionally, he offers flexibility in building either a physical or magic-focused item set.

Shark Bite empowers his basic attack each time he casts a skill, while Crab Claw Cannon deals significant physical damage to the initial target and the enemy it bounces to.

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His versatility extends beyond physical damage. With Ale, he gains increased movement speed, receives healing, and deals magical damage. Furthermore, his ultimate, Deadly Catch, inflicts a powerful burst of magic damage while knocking enemies airborne along its path.

Still, you can effectively deal with this fighter/mage hero by using one of these strong counters against him.

Three powerful counters to Bane in Mobile Legends


Chou proves to be a formidable counter to Bane, thanks to his lethal combo and reliable crowd control abilities.

Initiate your combo with the first two casts of Jeet Kune Do, then use Shunpo to close in and gain extra physical penetration.

Knock him airborne with the third cast of Jeet Kune Do. You can use Shunpo again to reposition before finishing him off with The Way of Dragon.

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You can also use Shunpo to negate the airborne effect of his Deadly Catch and mitigate its damage.

Equip Flicker as your battle spell, so you’ll have another tool to close the distance and catch him off-guard. To increase your chances of swiftly slaying him with your combo, buy Blade of the Heptaseas and Blade of Despair.

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Pharsa possesses an arsenal of long-range spells, allowing her to burst down Bane from afar and avoid his devastating close-range attacks.

Hit him with Curse of Crow and Energy Impact to stun him and inflict damage. Unleash Feathered Air Strike to seal the deal.

In the mid to late game, you can rely on your allies to control him while you bombard him with Feathered Air Strike from long distance.

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Select Purify or Flicker so you can escape using Wings by Wings if he manages to get near you. Moreover, consider having Winter Truncheon to survive his combo when your battle spell is on cooldown.

If Pharsa is not available, Vale and Selena are viable alternatives. They possess similar long-range abilities and crowd control that can effectively neutralize him.


An exceptionally agile assassin, Hayabusa can easily close in on Bane, evade his abilities, and quickly eliminate him.

To initiate your assault, cast Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow to narrow the gap against him. Hit him with Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken and basic attacks to apply four Shadow Marks.

Finally, trigger Ougi: Shadow Kill to deliver the killing blow.

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If he uses Deadly Catch when you approach, retreat by jumping to a Quad Shadow, then return using the same skill. You can also use Shadow Kill to dodge his ultimate.

Purchase Hunter Strike, Malefic Roar, and Blade of Despair to greatly amplify your damage output, ensuring a swift kill using your combo.

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