Prepare to unleash the swarm and annihilate your opponents with Zhask, The King of Swarms, a mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This mage hero is renowned for summoning Nightmaric Spawns that aid him in battle. These small, deadly alien creatures shoot lasers, dealing magic damage and slowing down enemies.

His ultimate, Dominator’s Descent, allows him to merge with a Nightmaric Spawn, greatly enhancing its attributes and simultaneously empowering all his other skills.

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This makes him invulnerable for a short time and can be a game-changer in crucial team fights.

The only downside to this hero is that he is difficult to learn due to his many skills. If you want to master the King of Swarms, here’s an extensive guide that includes the ideal battle spell and emblem, best build, skill combos, and tips.

Zhask’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Decimation

Upon death, Zhask summons a frenzied Nightmaric Spawn on the spot, which gradually loses HP over time until death.

  • A frenzied Nightmaric Spawn benefits from 100% of Zhask’s attack speed and attributes.
  • If you find yourself on the brink of death with no escape route, positioning yourself near the carry or any enemies with low HP can secure a kill.
  • However, sacrificing yourself in a team fight solely to spawn the passive isn’t advisable, as Zhask’s ultimate, Dominator’s Descent, ultimately deals more damage over time. Additionally, the spawn from his passive cannot be controlled.

Skill 1 – Nightmaric Spawn

Zhask summons a Nightmaric Spawn that deals magic damage to nearby enemies. After every 3 attacks, it fires a Death Ray at the target, dealing magic damage and slowing down enemies.

  • The spawn also benefits from his buffs and debuffs but does not from his talents and emblems.
  • When enhanced, the basic attack and death ray of this skill is greatly enhanced and can be repositioned. Zhask will also enter the Nightmaric Spawn, rendering him vulnerable until the spawn dies.
  • If you want the spawn to deal more damage, building attack speed items is also efficient. Never build critical damage items on him since the spawns cannot critically strike.
  • The basic attack and Death Ray of a spawn is considered a melee attack, which means that items such as Starlium Scythe benefit from it.
  • You can only place one spawn at a time. To maximize the skill, place the spawns in a safe area behind creeps and stay at a safe distance until the skill can be used again. He is most vulnerable when he doesn’t have any spawn around him.
  • You can also use this skill to check for nearby bushes.
  • When taunted or terrified, Nightmaric Spawn will move from its position, showing that the spawn has a Movement Speed attribute, albeit stationary when summoned.

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Skill 2 – Mind Eater

Zhask fires a penetrating psychic beam in the designated direction, dealing magic damage to enemies along the way. Nightmaric Spawn will also cast Mind Eater at the same location. If an enemy is hit by both beams, they will be stunned.

  • Once enhanced, the damage and area of effect are greatly increased. This means that you only need to hit a target with one beam to stun them.
  • Mind Eater only benefits half of Zhask’s lifesteal; Nightmaric Spawn benefits from Spell Vamp with this skill.
  • The enhanced skill damage is considered as Zhask’s attack. If Zhask gets off Nightmaric Spawn during the enhanced state, the Spawn’s skill will turn into a regular one.
  • To successfully hit this skill, use this skill if the spawn is also in range of the enemy target. Using this skill when the Spawn is not in range will cause the spawn to hit a nearby target, which will not stun your intended target.

Skill 3 – Hive Clones

Zhask releases a swarm of Hive Clones in the targeted direction. The clones will explode and deal magic damage to enemies on contact, reducing their Movement Speed.

  • If Hive Clones find no target, they will burrow into the ground and ambush enemies passing by. This makes it a great skill for surprising enemies in bushes and mounting an ambush when ganking other lanes.
  • In enhanced mode, he releases 15 Hive Clones and has a bigger area of effect. In team fights, it’s best to use this first so that you can position Mind Eater a lot easier.
  • This skill also passes through walls, making it effective in checking nearby bushes as well.

Ultimate – Dominator’s Descent

Zhask combines himself with the Nightmaric Spawn, greatly increasing its attributes while enhancing his skills.

  • This skill functions as a blink, which means it cannot be used inside Minsitthar‘s King’s Calling or will be canceled upon being hit by Khufra‘s Bouncing Ball.
  • Upon using this skill, the spawn will increase in size, likely prompting enemy units to move away from you. To catch the enemy off guard, strategically use this skill when your HP is low and use the blink ability from his first skill to reach the carries in the backline.
  • If Zhask doesn’t have a spawn when casting this skill, he will summon one at his current position instead, without expending mana.
  • Although this skill lasts only 10 seconds, the cooldown begins upon activation. Ending the skill prematurely does not reduce its cooldown, so it’s advisable to maximize the time spent inside the spawn as much as possible.

A comprehensive guide to playing Zhask in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Recommended battle spells for Zhask in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker is the safest choice for a battle spell since Zhask’s only mobility skill is his ultimate, Dominator’s Descent, which has a lengthy cooldown. This spell enables better setup and positioning with his ultimate.

For those confident in their skills, Inspire can be a viable alternative.

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This spell enhances the attack speed of Nightmaric Spawn and Dominator’s Descent, making Zhask formidable in team fights, particularly during the late game when he has built all his core offensive items.

Recommended emblem and talents

Recommended emblem and talents for Zhask in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: Moonton Games

Since all of Zhask’s skills scale with magic damage, opting for the Mage Emblem is the optimal choice. This emblem provides a boost to his magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration.

For sub-talents, selecting Swift for the attack speed increase and Bargain Hunter for the equipment discount is recommended. These choices grant him a significant advantage in the early game.

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As for core talents, Impure Rage is the preferred option as it increases damage dealt by his skills and restores mana upon hitting enemies. This amplifies his damage output during the laning phase until he acquires one or two of his core items.

Best build for Zhask

Best build for Zhask in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Zhask and his Nightmaric Spawn excel with magic damage, making magic items the optimal choice. Begin with Holy Crystal or Divine Glaive, as he already boasts high base magic damage stats, particularly with his Dominator’s Descent.

To enhance his killing potential, consider incorporating Glowing Wand and Feather of Heaven. Additionally, in the later stages of the game, adding a defensive item based on the enemy lineup is advisable.

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Immortality is a solid choice or opt for Antique Cuirass against a physical damage-oriented lineup, or Athena’s Shield if facing primarily magic damage dealers.

Easy combos to learn

Zodiac Cancer Zhask skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

During the laning phase, strategically plant Nightmaric Spawns behind the enemy minion wave to hinder the opposing laner from farming gold and experience. If they approach too closely, utilize Mind Eater to inflict substantial damage.

Upon reaching level four and with the Turtle on your side of the lane, use Dominator’s Descent to assist the jungler in securing the Lord.

By this point, you should have amassed enough gold for your first core item.

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Once you’ve obtained your initial core item, summon a Nightmaric Spawn near the enemy and cast Mind Eater to stun them.

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Capitalize on the stun by activating Dominator’s Descent and utilizing Hive Clones to slow the target, allowing the spawn to unleash its death ray for maximum damage.

Should the target attempt to flee or move out of the spawn’s range, utilize the blink from the first skill and Mind Eater to stun them and secure the kill.

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In the event of a losing team fight, you can utilize your ultimate to escape by summoning a Nightmaric Spawn away from the fray, activating Dominator’s Descent, blinking away, and dismounting immediately to retreat from the fight.

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