North America’s The Valley is on a roll in the lower bracket of the M4 World Championship after sweeping Malaysia’s Todak, eliminating the last Malaysian representative from the tournament.

The Valley was unstoppable, controlling the momentum in both games to advance to the third round of the lower bracket.

While everyone on the North American team played well, Oscar “SUPERSHARK” Vo was in a class of his own, especially in the first game with his near-perfect Khufra performance.

How The Valley literally stunned Todak at the M4 World Championship

M4 World Championship North American representative, The Valley
Credit: Moonton

In the drafting phase, the North American squad drafted Khufra against Todak’s mobile lineup consisting of Karrie, Hayabusa, and Lapu-Lapu.

Todak had the early game advantage after securing the first Turtle and a kill on Jang “Hoon” Seong-hun’s Valentina. However, The Valley bounced back five minutes in the game with a few kills.

SUPERSHARK then seemingly toggled on beast mode in the midgame after completing his Sunfire Cape and Guardian Helmet. At the 10-minute mark, his Tyrant combo caught two, resulting in a four-man wipeout.

It was downhill for Todak after that play, as The Valley went on to destroy the midlane base turret and the Enhanced Lord soon after.

The Malaysian squad at first looked like it would survive the initial attack on its base, after Muhammad “Yums” Suhairi’s Ruby caught two with I’m Offended! But SHARK answered with a flawless Tyrant’s Rage-Tyrant’s Revenge combo in the backline of Todak, finding another four-man wipeout to seal the deal.

For his outstanding performance and game-winning plays, SUPERSHARK was proclaimed the MVP of the game with a positive 4/1/12 performance. With the momentum in their favor, the North American team went on to win the second game with a dominant 20-4 kill score performance to complete the 2-0 sweep.

The Valley will next face Brazil’s RRQ Akira on Thursday, January 12, at 3 p.m. GMT+8.

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