The recent wave of new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skins is looking better and better. Fist of Zen Badang and Frost Wing Kimmy certainly do not disappoint.

Originally a tribal warrior with plain gray armor and blue trousers, Badang dons a full black and golden suit with the Fist of Zen skin. The best part? He now wears shoes!

Everything about him has leveled up, from his enlarged body size, to his voluminous hair, to his edgy attitude. Fist of Zen transforms Badang from angry village boy to Super Saiyan god in a flash.

With glowing blue eyes topping off the look, it seems like Badang’s finally unleashed his true potential in this commanding skin.

Continuing the Dragon Tamer skin line, Frost Wing Kimmy showcases a more chilly side to the dragons.

Similar with Masha, Kimmy’s trailer shows how the power of an ancient dragon has been infused into her armor. It also gave her extended wings, frosty embellishments, and baby blue eyes.

When Chemical Refinement is used in game, light blue wings and a dragon animation appears. She also leaves a trail of ice on the ground.

While we like how all her skill effects have been redesigned to fit the ice dragon theme, at the end of the day, Kimmy is a chemist who holds a modern spray gun, and we can’t help but wonder if another hero would have been better suited for this concept.

Fist of Zen Badang and Frost Wing Kimmy are now available in-game.

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