Spring has arrived on the Summoner’s Rift, but instead of blooming flowers and colorful butterflies, our favorite champions have channeled their inner bee forms!

From a cat guised as a honey-producing insect to a beekeeper, here are the five best bee-themed League of Legends skins.

5. Beekeeper Singed

League of Legends, Beekeeper Singed, Singed
Credit: Riot Games

Singed has given up life as a chemist and is now harvesting the finest honey in all of Runeterra as a beekeeper! The Beekeeper Singed skin reimagines the Mad Chemist as a bee farmer, carrying a hive behind his back and a gigantic piece of honeycomb as a shield.

We find his recall animation quite disturbing though because as soon as he takes off his beekeeper hat, an actual bee comes out and flies off, leaving Singed’s beekeeper suit on the ground, like a snake shedding its skin.

4. Beezahar

League of Legends, Beezahar, Malzahar
Credit: Riot Games

The Prophet of the Void in a bee-themed skin? Who would have thought?

Beezahar actually looks inspired by Marvel’s Wasp, only more fluttery and spring-ready with his small pair of purple wings. His Voidlings now take the form of ridiculously huge bee-looking creatures who crawl instead of flying in the air.

One thing that’s quite unsettling in this skin is Beezahar’s Void Shift shield, which could definitely be a trigger for anyone with trypophobia.

3. Bee’Maw

League of Legends, Bee'Maw skin, Kog'Maw
Credit: Riot Games/ Surrender at 20

Forget the stinky Kog’Maw that you knew — Bee’Maw is as fresh as he can get! Bee’Maw transforms into a cute insect with bulky antennae and a hexagon print in-between its eyes.

His Void Ooze creates a path of juicy honey which deals some sweet damage against enemies. Bee’Maw’s ultimate ability, Living Artillery, sprouts a faint, pink flower to the ground and summons a raging bee. Like a missile, the bee lands on the flower and explodes into a puddle of honey.

2. Yuubee

League of Legends, Yuubee, Bee'Maw, Yuumi, Kog'Maw
Credit: Riot Games

Have you ever seen a cat cosplaying as a bee? Yuumi might be the first! Yuumi (or Yuubee) looks so adorable in her bee outfit with a pink flower on top of her head and a striped tail with a beehive at the end. Her Book of Thresholds shows a huge daisy pressed in between its pages.

Aside from her second ability effect which encapsulates an ally in a glowing ball of honey, we love Yuubee’s ultimate ability, Final Chapter, because of the different spring patterns it shows on its waves — first beehive hexagon tiles, then a cute illustration of a bee, followed by tiny flowers, then a single daisy, the fifth wave shows an illustration of what seems to be a bee harvesting honey, the sixth features Yuumi’s face, and the final wave becomes a pattern of wings.

1. Beemo

League of Legends, Teemo, Beemo skin
Credit: Riot Games

Nothing beats the cuteness that Teemo gives off in a bee costume, with his huge furry head and tiny gloved hands. Beemo is the epitome of the spring season, buzzing around enemies and throwing his shroom hives that burst into fresh, sticky honey. Looks sweet, but it’s just as deadly as Teemo’s regular shrooms.

Beemo’s recall animation is also a delight to watch as coneflowers suddenly sprout to the ground, complementing Beemo’s overall appearance.

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