The grind never stops for gamers, even in the midst of a pandemic. Former T1 Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, in particular, quintupled his efforts to reach Challenger rank, the highest tier in the game, in all of the player roles in League of Legends.

Tyler1 did this in an impressive span of three years, his grueling ranked journey starting back in 2020.

Tyler1 hits Challenger rank in every single role in League of Legends

League of Legends streamer Tyler1
Screenshot by Jonathan Yee/ONE Esports

League of Legends streamer and content creator Tyler1 has unlocked a grand achievement in Riot Games’ multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title. He is now one of the few players who have successfully gotten Challenger in all League of Legends roles, namely support, bot, top, mid, and jungle.

His path began in 2020 on the North American solo queue ladder. The dare that he took up already sounded daunting enough, but what made it harder was the premise that Tyler1 had to hit the highest rank in the game using brand new accounts and climb the ladder step by step.

Known for his epic Draven plays, he prioritized the bot lane first in his ranked journey and used his AD carry expertise to his advantage. He then switched to the jungle role after achieving his goal and amassed more than 1,000 matches in the process.

Twitch star Tyler1 reaches Challenger rank in League of Legends by picking only jungle roles
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

After successfully mastering the ins and outs of the bot lane and jungle, the Twitch streamer’s progress slowed down a bit while learning the top lane role. It took him 2,000 matches to reach Challenger tier as a top laner, twice the number of matches that he played as a jungler. He expressed his distaste for the position and even shared his awry experiences as a top laner.

In September 2021, the League of Legends personality got promoted to Challenger playing solely as a mid laner.

Twitch star Tyler1 reaches Challenger rank in League of Legends by picking only mid roles
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

The final piece of the Challenger gauntlet was the support position, which he quickly achieved in only around 450 matches. Thus, Tyler1’s quest to conquer all positions in League of Legends officially ended in February 2022.

The muscular streamer has long been famous for his energetic and loud image in the League of Legends community. His amazing Draven plays always leave fans wanting for more. Now, he has cemented himself as a highly-skilled LoL player after successfully achieving a mentally punishing feat.

Going beyond Tyler1’s achievement, former Astralis pro player Carl Felix “MagiFelix” Boström did a similar feat where he climbed the League of Legends Europe West (EUW) Challenger tiers with multiple accounts, one for each of the five roles in LoL.

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