Chiori, the genius Inazuma fashion designer and owner of Chioriya Boutique in Fontaine, joins Genshin as a playable 5-star Geo sword wielder.

In combat, Chiori summons her automaton doll and design assistant, Tamato, to deal damage based on her defense and attack. If a geo construct is nearby, Chiori summons an additional Tamato.

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When casting her elemental burst, she draws her twin blades and executes a clean cut, dealing AoE geo damage.

During exploration, Chiori increases party members’ movement speed by 10% if one of the party members wears a non-default outfit or wind glider.

If you’re looking to zip up your opponents with the genius fashion designer, here are all the Chiori materials you’ll need for her ascension.

Locations and routes of Chiori materials for Character Ascension

Geo Hypostasis

  • Location of boss is in Guyun Stone Forest, northeast of Liyue Harbor
  • 1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver
  • 9 Prithiva Topaz Fragments
  • 9 Prithiva Topaz Chunks
  • 6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstones
  • Alternate sources of Prithiva Topaz: Golden Wolflord, Perpetual Mechanical Array, Primo Geovishap, Prototype Cal. Breguet, Ruin Serpent
Zhongli materials Location of Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact
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Icewind Suite

  • Location of the boss is south of Marcotte Station
  • 46 Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia

Note that the Icewind Suite is composed of two pieces — Dirge of Coppelia and Nemesis of Coppelius. Speak to the NPC Maillardet and choose the one you want to challenge before entering the arena.

Icewind Suite boss location in Genshin Impact
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  • Dendrobium is found in the Inazuma region
  • 168 Dendrobium
Genshin Impact wish commandments
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Here are three sample farming routes for Dendrobium:


  • Specters are found in the Inazuma region
  • 18 Spectral Husks
  • 30 Spectral Hearts
  • 36 Spectral Nuclei (Nucleus)

Here are four sample farming routes for Specters:

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Locations and routes of Chiori materials for Talent Ascension

Shadow of Another World (All-Devouring Narwhal domain)

  • Location is at Salacia Plains, the underwater area in front of the Court of Fontaine
  • 6 Lightless Silk Strings
  • You must complete the Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act V – Masquerade of the Guilty to unlock this domain
  • A rarer type of Chiori materials for Ascension, only appears once a week as a Trounce Domain
All Devouring Narwhal in Genshin Impact
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Violet Court domain on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

  • Location is west of Inazuma City
  • 3 Teachings of Light
  • 21 Guides to Light
  • 38 Philosophies of Light
Violet Court domain in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports


  • 6 Spectral Husks
  • 22 Spectral Hearts
  • 31 Spectral Nuclei (Nucleus)
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Crown of Insight

  • Crowns of Insight
  • Obtainable by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree to Level 11, upgrading the Sacred Sakura’s Favor to at least Level 15, upgrading the Sumeru Tree of Dreams to at least Level 5, upgrading the Fountain of Lucine to at least Level 5, and playing Genshin Impact’s various limited-time events

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