If you’re looking to conquer any Battle Mod and win game nights with your friends, these Squad Busters tips will give you the competitive edge you need.

Squad Busters is a fast-paced party action game that merges strategy, action, and a touch of chaos to create a fun and challenging experience.

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Progressing quickly in the game requires a blend of battle mod strategy, efficient resource management, and knowledge of team composition.

In this piece, we provide you with the simplest and most effective Squad Busters tips to help you get ahead fast and win big.

Here are the 5 best Squad Busters tips to get ahead fast

1. Sprint wisely

First place in the standings in Squad Busters
Credit: ONE Esports

One of the simplest yet most effective Squad Busters tips is to use your sprint wisely.

Sprint can be an incredibly useful tool in Squad Busters, but misusing it can lead to frustrating situations. Often, you’ll find yourself either chasing opponents or being chased.

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To maximize Sprint, use it primarily as a defensive tool. While it might be tempting to use it to move around faster, this can leave you vulnerable when you need it most.

If an enemy gets too close or appears at the edge of your screen and you’re not ready to engage, Sprint allows you to quickly escape and regroup.

2. Keep your streak alive

Epic Chest in Squad Busters
Credit: ONE Esports

In Squad Busters, aiming for a top-five finish can often be more beneficial than striving for first place.

This is one of those Squad Busters tips that may sound counterintuitive, but maintaining a high position consistently is less risky than aiming for the top spot.

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Keeping your streak alive is crucial for maximizing rewards.

Concentrate on staying within the top five to ensure continuous progression and better chest rewards.

3. Choose your fights

Credit: ONE Esports

If you find yourself in a strong position, such as second or third place, and the player below you is far behind, there’s no need to engage in unnecessary battles.

Only initiate fights if you have a dominant squad and are confident in your ability to win and gather extra gems.

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If the player in first place is far ahead in terms of gems or strength, it’s often wiser to avoid direct confrontation.

Instead, focus on fighting NPCs and collecting gems to maintain your position. Engaging in unnecessary battles can lead to getting cornered by other players, risking your placement and streak.

4. Fusion first

Squad Busters Battle Mod Fusion Start
Credit: Supercell

It can be tempting to compose your team with a variety of characters to cover all bases, but Fusing characters is more beneficial.

One of the best Squad Busters tips is to fuse your characters as quickly as possible. This not only results in a stronger character compared to more units but also reduces the cost of chests, making it easier to advance in the game.

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The cost of chests in the game is determined by the number of different units you have.

When you fuse characters, your total unit count decreases.

5. Greg and Goblins

Picking early game character in Squad Busters
Credit: ONE Esports

The key to establishing a formidable team quickly in the game lies in your early-game character choices. Opting for either Greg or Goblin can accelerate your team-building ability.

One of Greg’s abilities in the game is to chop wood, which in turn gives you both Gems and coins. Goblin provides instant coins which you can use to expand your team fast.

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Getting ahead fast in Squad Busters requires a combination of strategic planning, effective resource management, and smart gameplay.

Implement these Squad Busters tips and climb the ranks!

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