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Unveiling the mystical realm of Unicorn Overlord characters, where fantasy meets strategy in the captivating RPG universe crafted by ALTUS and Vanillaware. 

Embark on a quest where players wield command over an array of units, engaging in battles across the tapestry of five diverse nations.

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Diversity reigns supreme, with over 60 distinct characters to choose from. Each character is meticulously crafted with a predetermined class, dictating their combat prowess, an arsenal of weapons, and unique set of skills.

Delve into the strategic depths of Unicorn Overlord as you harness the strengths inherent to each class, forging a path to triumph in the trials.

We dive deep into Unicorn Overlord’s roster. Here is everything you need to know about Unicorn Overlord’s playable characters.

All Unicorn Overlord characters

Unicorn Overlord key visual from SEGA
Credit: SEGA, ATLUS, Vanillaware

Companions, enemies, and seiyuu

RosalindeCompanionReina Ueda
EltolindeCompanionReina Ueda
IthilionCompanionTaruske Shingaki
YunifiCompanion/AllyHisako Kanemoto
RamonaCompanion/AllyNanako Mori
MorardCompanion/AllyTomoyuki Shimura
DinahCompanion/AllySayaka Senbongi
NigelCompanion/AllyTakayuki Ishii
SanatioCompanion/AllyMutsumi Tamura
AlcinaEnemyMamiko Noto
BaltroEnemyHiroshi Naka
ElgorEnemyShigeru Chiba

Unicorn Overlord features companions who assist the main character, Alain, throughout the game.

These companions, hailing from diverse backgrounds, can strengthen their bond with Alain through activities like battling together and sharing meals.

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As players progress, companions play a crucial role in combat and storytelling, enhancing the overall experience with their unique personalities and contributions to the narrative.


Unicorn Overlord Rosalinde
Credit: SEGA

Augur of the dark elves and aide to her elder sister Eltolinde, the Turenós of Elheim. When Laurhal fell, she fled and began amassing an army, hoping to mount a counterattack.


Unicorn Overlord Eltolinde
Credit: SEGA
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Rosalinde’s twin sister and the Turenos of Elheim. Unable to resist Zenoira’s onslaught, she surrendered and chose to lead her nation from within captivity.


Unicorn Overlord Ithilion
Credit: SEGA

A swordsman and knight in service of Elheim. He was away from Laurhal when the land fell to Zenoira and has led a guerilla force ever since.


Unicorn Overlord character Yunifi
Credit: SEGA

Yunifi is a skilled archer from the Frostblooms resistance group located in Bastorias.

She plays a significant role in the opposition against Zenoira. Humans gave birth to her, but she grew up under the care of her adoptive mother, Ramona.


Unicorn Overlord character Ramona
Credit: SEGA
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Ramona leads the Frostblooms and is the adoptive mother of Yunifi. She comes from a lineage of owls and is held in high esteem by various beast-like races.


Unicorn Overlord character Morard
Credit: SEGA

Morard, a lion-like warrior from the Frostblooms, is known for his impressive strength. He and Yunifi are key fighters in their group’s efforts.


Unicorn Overlord character Dinah
Credit: SEGA

Dinah, a fox-like creature, commands the Snowpetals troop. She may be quick-tempered, but she shows deep concern for her troops, who hold her in high regard.


Unicorn Overlord character Nigel
Credit: SEGA

Nigel is the esteemed leader of the Sacred Heart Knights. With his notable achievements at a tender age, he stepped up as captain after defending Albion against Zenoira.


Unicorn Overlord character Sanatio
Credit: SEGA

Sanatio, an angelic figure, serves the pontifex and leads the Heavenswing Knights. Recognized early for his leadership potential, he serves as a winged knight.


Unicorn Overlord Alcina
Credit: SEGA

A witch loyal to the Zenoiran Army. Formerly served as court sorceress to the Cornian royal family, but has now sworn fealty to Galerius. It appears that she has done so with some hidden agenda in mind.


Unicorn Overlord Baltro
Credit: SEGA

A wizened sorcerer who serves Galerius. Versed in all manner of dark spells and curses, his face remains obscured behind his hood. Baltro seeks to bend others to his will using the sinister techniques he has honed over the years.


Unicorn Overlord character Elgor
Credit: SEGA

Elgor, the high commander in the northern army of Zenoira, is recognized by his ancient armor. There are rumors that no one has seen his face and survived.

All classes


Unicorn Overlord Housecarl
Credit: SEGA

A class with an excellent physical attack that can shatter an opponent’s armor with a single swing of their axe. They can also deliver a follow-up strike after a battle.


Unicorn Overlord Gladiator
Credit: SEGA

A resilient class boasting tremendous health. With their massive physiques, a sweep of their great axe can mow down a row of enemies. They can also prevent their endurance from dropping by healing themselves.


Unicorn Overlord Arbalist
Credit: SEGA
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A crossbow-wielding class that deals high physical damage. They possess many abilities, including anti-flying skills, follow-up attacks via reloading, and healing for allies at the end of battles.


Unicorn Overlord Cleric
Credit: SEGA

A class specializing in healing abilities. While they lack offensive capabilities, they excel in utilizing a variety of healing skills, significantly increasing the survival rate of their allies.

Wyvern Knight

Unicorn Overlord Wyrvern Knight
Credit: SEGA

Soars through the air, excelling at offense and defense in equal measure. They have a high chance of evading attacks from the ground and possess anti-cavalry skills, making them formidable against ground-based enemies.

However, they are weak to arrows, so caution against classes like Hunters is advised.


Unicorn Overlord Shaman
Credit: SEGA

A class specialized in debuffing enemies. They possess skills that hinder enemy actions and significantly lower their abilities. Their curses instill fear in their opponents.

Elven Fencer

Unicorn Overlord Elven Fencer
Credit: SEGA
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Magical elven swordfighters. Their strikes, imbued with magical power, can penetrate even the thickest of armor. They can also harness the power of the fae to create barriers that protect allies.


Unicorn Overlord Werewolf
Credit: SEGA

Warriors from the bestial wolf tribe. True hunters possess several skills that excel at targeting weakened enemies. They also have skills that enhance their abilities at night.


Unicorn Overlord Feather Bow
Credit: SEGA

Angel archers excel in agility. They possess numerous skills that hinder enemies, allowing them to make the first move in battle.

They also have a high evasion rate but are weak to arrows and truestrikes.

Gryphon Knight

Unicorn Overlord Gryphon Knight
Credit: SEGA

A flying class that boasts excellent Evasion and Magic Defense. Effective against cavalry-based foes and can bypass the enemy’s front row to attack the back row directly, but is extremely weak to arrows.


Unicorn Overlord Feathersword
Credit: SEGA

A flying swordfighter class is known for its agile movements. Battles with grace while boosting its own abilities.

It has a high chance of dodging melee attacks from ground-based enemies and can attack the enemy’s back row directly, but it is also fragile to arrows.


Unicorn Overlord Hunter
Credit: SEGA

A bow-wielding class boasting high Accuracy. Possesses anti-flying skills, making it effective against foes such as Gryphon Knights. They are also capable of true strikes, allowing them to target enemies accurately with high Evasion.

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Unicorn Overlord’s release date is on March 8, 2024, with the game available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

You can go to ATLUS’ official website for more information on Unicorn Overlord.

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