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As a new HoYoverse game launches, fresh faces take center stage, and it’s the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the Zenless Zone Zero MCs (main characters).

Let’s take a closer look at the co-owners of Random Play in New Eridu — their names, relationship, and the talented voice actors who bring them to life.

Zenless Zone Zero MC names

Main characters of ZZZ agents Belle and Wise in ONE Esports featured image for article "Exclusive: Zenless Zone Zero is a love letter to this iconic era, says HoYoverse producer"
Credit: ONE Esports, HoYoverse
Exclusive: Zenless Zone Zero is a love letter to this iconic era, says HoYoverse producer

Similar to HoYoverse’s other titles, Zenless Zone Zero has two main characters. The male Zenless Zone Zero MC is named Wise while the female one is named Belle.

These two are siblings who rely on each other and run the Random Play video store together.

When the player starts the game, they will be prompted to choose between Belle and Wise, with the unchosen character taking on the role of an assistant.

Who is Wise in Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero's character Nicole Demara in custom image by ONE Esports for article "All Zenless Zone Zero characters, factions, and their voice actors"
Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports
All Zenless Zone Zero characters, factions, and their voice actors

Described as a gentle and reserved young man, Wise is the co-owner of the video store Random Play, alongside his younger sister, Belle.

Who is Belle in Zenless Zone Zero?

A cheerful and easy-going young girl, Belle is the co-owner of New Eridu’s Random Play, together with his older brother, Wise.

Zenless Zone Zero MCs (main characters) Belle and Wise
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero MC voice actors

Belle is voiced by Japanese VA Sayaka Sembongi. She is known for giving life to anime characters Mumei in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Shuna in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and Haru in Beastars.

Wise is voiced by Japanese VA Abe Atsushi. He is known for voicing Touma Kamijou in A Certain Magical Index, Moritaka Mashiro in Bakuman, Pipimi in Pop Team Epic, and a diverse array of other supporting characters across various anime productions.

JapaneseSayaka SembongiAbe Atsushi
ChineseYikou jingLin jing

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Zenless Zone Zero is set in a post-apocalyptic city, boasting a futuristic story, distinct characters, and thrilling action-oriented combat. Players become “Proxies,” venturing with a diverse group to conquer foes and uncover New Eridu’s mysteries — the final haven of urban civilization.

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