Can’t decide which Star Wars Outlaws edition to purchase? You are not alone.

Alongside the game’s trailer and release date, Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games have announced several editions available for pre-order, giving players a variety of ways how to acquire and enjoy the game.

Star Wars Outlaws pre-order and release date
Credit: Ubisoft, ONE Esports
Star Wars Outlaws pre-order and release date: Be the first in this galactic adventure!

With several options available, determining which version best suits your needs can be a bit of a puzzle.

From early access perks to exclusive cosmetics, this ONE Esports article breaks down what each Star Wars Outlaws edition brings to the table so you can decide more easily on which one to get.

All Star Wars Outlaws editions

Standard EditionBase game
Gold EditionKessel Runner Bonus Pack
3 days Early Access
Season Pass
Ultimate EditionKessel Runner Bonus Pack
3 days Early Access
Season Pass
Rogue Infiltrator Bundle
Sabacc Shark bundle
Digital Artbook

Standard Edition

Star Wars Outlaws Space Nebula
Credit: Ubisoft

The Standard Edition is perfect for those who are just looking to enjoy the core game without the need for extra frills.

This Star Wars Outlaws edition allows you to step into the expansive universe of the storied franchise, offering the full base game experience as you explore, strategize, and combat across the galaxy.

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Purchasable for only US $69.99, the Standard Edition is ideal for newcomers to the series or casual gamers as it provides a complete adventure without additional cost.

If you pre-order now, you’ll also get exclusive early access, letting you start your adventure up to three days before the official launch date.

Gold Edition

Star Wars Outlaws main character Kay Vess combat gameplay
Credit: Ubisoft

For fans looking for a bit more from their gaming experience, the Gold Edition might be the ideal choice.

Not only does this Star Wars Outlaws edition include the base game, but it also provides early access when you pre-order.

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What makes this differ with the Standard Edition is that the Gold Edition comes with the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack, which features exclusive cosmetics for Kay’s speeder and her ship, the Trailblazer.

This edition is priced at US $109.99 and is suited for those eager to jump into the action as soon as possible and who appreciate the aesthetic enhancements of their in-game vehicles.

Ultimate Edition

Star Wars Outlaws character Kay Vess with Nix poster
Credit: Ubisoft

The Ultimate Edition is the premium choice for the ultimate Star Wars Outlaws fan.

Along with all the benefits of the Gold Edition, this package includes even more exclusive content that will not be available elsewhere.

In the Star Wars Outlaws edition, you’ll get additional bonuses like the Rogue Infiltrator Bundle and the Sabacc Shark Bundle.

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You’ll also receive a Digital Artbook where you can view a selection of the game’s concept art and visuals
and unique cinematic storyboards.

This edition, available for purchase for US $129.99, is targeted towards the most dedicated players who want to get the most comprehensive experience out of Star Wars Outlaws.

Ubisoft+ Subscription

Star Wars Outlaws new locations, Kijmi
Credit: Ubisoft

Lastly, players can subscribe to Ubisoft+ to acquire the game. Players who subscribe to Ubisoft+ will also receive early access to Star Wars Outlaws, including all the benefits of the Ultimate Edition.

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This subscription service, which costs US $17.99 per month, is a great option for those who play multiple Ubisoft games and want access to a wide library, including the latest releases like Star Wars Outlaws.

Which Star Wars Outlaws edition should you get?

When deciding which Star Wars Outlaws edition to choose, consider your level of interest in the game, how quickly you want to access it, and whether the bonus content appeals to you.

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If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or someone who loves getting the most out of every game, the Ultimate Edition or a Ubisoft+ subscription may be the way to go.

For those looking simply to explore the Star Wars universe at their own pace, the Standard or Gold Edition might be sufficient.

You can go to Ubisoft website for more information about Star Wars Outlaws.

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