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Squad Busters Battle Mods add unique twists and turns to the typical match rules in the popular Multiplayer Party Action Game.

These mods alter the battles’ flow and introduce exclusive elements that enrich the gameplay experience.

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In this piece, we list all Squad Busters Battle Mods and discuss how they make each match in the game more thrilling.

Squad Busters gameplay and features

At its heart, Squad Busters revolves around assembling and commanding a squad of diverse characters.

Supercell Squad Busters key image
Credit: Supercell

Each character comes with unique abilities and strengths, allowing players to create balanced or specialized teams tailored to their play style.

The game features real-time, tactical battles where positioning and timing are key. Players must manage their squads effectively, using terrain and environmental advantages to outmaneuver opponents.

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As players advance through the game, they unlock new worlds, each with its own set of challenges and Squad Busters Battle Mods.

This progression system keeps the gameplay fresh and motivates players to continually level up their squads.

What are Battle Mods in Squad Busters?

Squad Busters Battle Mod Pinata Party
Credit: Supercell

Battle Mods in Squad Busters are special conditions or rule changes that can significantly impact how a match is played. They bring a refreshing variety to the game, ensuring no two matches feel alike.

As players progress through different Worlds in the game, they will encounter new maps and corresponding Battle Mods, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

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Moreover, this progressive unlocking keeps players motivated to explore and master different environments.

Additionally, some matches may feature a ‘Bonus’ Squad Busters Battle Mod, adding an extra layer of chaos and excitement to the combat.

All Squad Busters Battle Mods

There are a total of 26 Battle Mods in Squad Busters.

Squad Busters Battle Mod Loot Goblin Rush
Credit: Supercell
Double TroubleGreen WorldCharacters from Chests are doubled
Fusion StartGreen WorldStart the match with a Fused Character
Gem OverloadGreen WorldEverything is dropping Gems!
Loot Goblin RushGreen WorldLoot Goblins are on the loose!
Piñata PartyGreen WorldLoot-packed Piñatas are everywhere
Spell OverloadGreen WorldSpells are spilling out everywhere!
Tree GiantsGreen WorldGem-filled Tree Giants roam the map
Turbo OverloadGreen WorldBoots are popping up everywhere!
DoppelgangersDesert WorldChests spawn look-alikes
Angry VinesDesert WorldVines are growing aggressively!
Epic OverloadDesert WorldEvery Chest gives an Epic Character choice
Royal HauntDesert WorldRoyal Ghosts haunt the map. BOO!
Whack-A-MoleDesert WorldThe ground trembles with Mole Robots!
Chest ImposterRoyal WorldFake Chests are hiding their loot
Gift CrittersRoyal WorldGift-wrapped robots are crawling everywhere!
Golden BootsRoyal WorldTurbo Boots have become supercharged!
MEGA StartRoyal WorldStart with a free Mega Unit
Super Gem MineRoyal WorldAn oversized Gem Mine is bursting with Gems
Baby BattleBeach WorldCharacters have reverted back to Baby form
Monster PetsBeach WorldChests summon friendly Monsters
Ring GrabBeach WorldGem Rings are up for grabs!
Loot SurgeBeach WorldThe map is overflowing with Loot
1-Coin ChestsIce WorldAll Chests cost only one Coin
Golem MeteorsIce WorldGolems are falling from the sky!
Gem Hot PotIce WorldMagic Pots filled with Gems are up for grabs!
Super Ice SpiritsIce WorldGiant Ice Spirits are jumping around!

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