Can’t get physical goodies at the Secret Shop? Valve’s got you covered with a host of digital freebies.

Get a free Arcana, a level one TI11 Battle Pass, and a free month of Dota Plus right now, the moment you log in to Dota 2.

What’s in the TI11 Swag Bag besides a free Arcana?

The International 2022 Swag Bag
Credit: Valve

The only requirement for players is that they have played at least 10 games this Battle Pass season. This entitles you to one month of Dota Plus, one Arcana bundle, and a level one Battle Pass.

The Arcanas can only be chosen from the ones currently available in the store, which means limited items like the Queen of Pain and Windranger Arcanas from the TI10 Battle Pass are not available.

For those who already have the Battle Pass, you’ll receive 24 levels instead, according to Valve.

These rewards will be available until the end of the Battle Pass season in January, which means there’s plenty of time to get in your 10 reps even if all you play is Ability Arena.

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