Dota 2 fever is at an all-time high in Singapore!

With The International 2022 about to begin, Valve has released multiple TI11 collections and limited-edition merch to celebrate Dota 2’s annual world championship.

Fans who can’t attend The International this year will be able to purchase all of the Dota 2 collectibles, including the incredible Fan Art Collection made by passionate Dota 2 fans.

The Anti-Mage Arcana and Sakura Traxex collections flaunt an anime-themed design that fans of the Dota: Dragon’s Blood Netflix show will appreciate. Meanwhile, the Ogre Bento will make you crave Japanese cuisine.

The intense carry players out there are sure to enjoy the menacing look of the Dread Retribution and Necromastery collection. At the same time, easygoing Dota 2 fans will undoubtedly enjoy the Doodle Logo and Dota Pool collections. 

Valve has also officially opened the doors of its Secret Shop, and the online store has been split into three different regions:

  • Asia (for non-ticket holders)
  • Africa, Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania
  • China

As with previous years, fans attending the Dota 2 world championship will be able to order online and pick up their items when they arrive at the tournament venue in Singapore.

At the time of writing, pre-orders will only be available for TI11 attendees.

The most recent addition to the official The International 2022 collection is the Hoodwink sleep gear set, which comes with a pajama onesie that will help any Dota 2 fan sleep soundly. The set comes with a waist cushion, a summer blanket, a nap pillow, an eye mask, and a cat hat.

Here are all of the collectible merch and limited-edition items Valve has to offer for this year’s TI11.

The best limited-edition merch from all TI11 collections

The International 2022 event collection

Anti-Mage Arcana (Illustration by Edich)

Anti-Mage Arcana TI11 Fan Art Collection
Credit: Valve

Doodle Logo (Illustration by Ced Alcalde)

Doodle Logo TI11 Fan Art Collection
Credit: Valve

Dread Retribution (Illustration by Edich)

Dread Retribution TI11 Fan Art Collection
Credit: Valve

Necromastery (Illustration by Botjira)

Necromastery TI11 Fan Art Collection
Credit: Valve

Ogre Bento (Illustration by Botjira)

Ogre Bento TI11 merch collection
Credit: Valve

Sakura Traxex (Illustration by Famousf8)

Sakura Traxex TI11 merch collection
Credit: Valve

Hoodwink sleep gear set

Secret Shop Hoodwink Sleeping Gear set
Credit: Valve

The International 2022 collectible figurines

TI11 Figurines
Credit: Valve

The items from the limited-edition collection range from US$115 to US$11.

Player jacketUS$107
Pullover hoodieUS$73
Pro jerseyUS$67
Stainless steel tumblerUS$45
Mouse padUS$45
Tote bagUS$45
Long sleeve teeUS$39
Short sleeve teeUS$28
Flexfit hatUS$28
Headphone caseUS$28
iPhone caseUS$28
Samsung caseUS$28
Hoodwink sleep gear setUS$115

Fans can purchase the TI11 event and fan art collection online here. The limited-edition Secret Shop items are available here.

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