Quincy Crew midlaner Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, more commonly known by his former tag, CCnC, has become the ninth player to join the rapidly-expanding 11,000 matchmaking rating (MMR) club.

Quinn made his feat known through a post on his personal Twitter account, shouting out his now-fellow 11K MMR club member Artour “Arteezy” Babaev. The two have apparently challenged each other to earn the achievement before the other, with Arteezy managing to do so a day before Quinn did.

The 11K MMR club has been quickly growing as of late with four new members in the month of October, of which three entered the club in just the past seven days.

These players include: Zerothreetwo midlaner Karl “Karl” Jayme, Evil Geniuses (EG) support Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen, TNC Predator carry player Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte, and Arteezy.

The 11K MMR club was founded in May by Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop, who is notably teammates with Arteezy and Cr1t’s teammate in EG — now the most stacked squad in all of Dota if you just look at each player’s MMR.

Abed enjoyed being the lone member of the 11K MMR club for a couple of months, after which he was joined by Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon in July. Danil “gpk” Skutin and Egor “epileptick1d” Grigorenko then followed in August.

Quinn is now the second member of the 11K MMR club from North America, joining Arteezy. Cr1t is the lone member from Europe while Gpk and epileptick1d represent the CIS region.

Meanwhile, Southeast Asia boasts the most number of players with 11K MMR with four; namely Abed, 23savage, Gabbi, and Karl.

With the restart of the Dota Pro Circuit early next year still far away, the 11K MMR club has quickly expanded as more and more pro players are spending less time playing in official matches or in scrimmages, and more time climbing the MMR ladder in pubs.

With that said, it may be a while since we see any new players join the 11K MMR club. Valve recently implemented an optional MMR reset functionality to the game for the new ranked season, among a list of other changes.

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