In partnership with Netflix and the launch of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, ONE Esports is proud to announce The Hunt for the Eight Dragons – an online scavenger hunt for the ONE Esports Singapore Major.

The realms of DOTA are supported by the eight pillars of creation – the Four Elements & the Four Fundamental Forces. These pillars are the souls of the Eldwyrms, represented by eight mighty dragons: Aurrak, Aetherak. Byssrak. lndrak, Lirrak, Slyrak, Uldorak. and Vahdrak.

For the duration of the ONE Esports Singapore Major, the eight dragons will be terrorizing different parts of the Internet. All Dragon Knights (over the age of 18) are called upon to assist in hunting them down, with fame, fortune, and prizes for the fastest Dragon Knights!

Need a clue to start you on your quest? Each day, during the Singapore Major tune into the broadcast. During the halftime show, look out for the clue pointing to where that Dragon could be hiding.

Once you’ve found the Dragon, let us know by tagging @oneesports in the “Comments” section of the relevant post. The fastest three Dragon Knights for each hunt will win a Netflix subscription.

After all eight Dragons have been found, the first prize winners of the Hunt will be announced during the Singapore Major Grand Final halftime show. A list of the full winners (including 2nd and 3rd prize winners) will be released on ONE Esports.

Terms and conditions apply.

Don’t forget to watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix!

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