The Japanese animated series Demon Slayer (or Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japanese) continues to spoil its fans with the good things. After announcing a fighting game last month, the franchise is now offering fans the chance to win an official Demon Slayer gaming chair.

The gaming chair has been produced by Lenovo in Japan. It is heavily based on one of the anime’s supporting characters, the Demon Slayer Corps’ Water Pillar, Tomioka Giyuu.

Demon Slayer, Tomioka Giyuu
Credit: Ufotable

Lenovo’s Demon Slayer gaming chair has been patterned after Giyuu’s iconic haori design which is a split between a solid magenta color and colorful geometric patterns of green, yellow, and orange shades.

Demon Slayer, Giyu Tomioka, pattern
Credit: Lenovo Japan

What’s unique about this chair is it comes with its very own katana sword — yes, this is actually Giyuu’s own Nichirin Blade, complete with its two-tone diamond-section grip. Unfortunately, the gaming chair’s sword is only meant for display and cannot be pulled out to recreate some of Giyuu’s swordsmanship moves.

Demon Slayer, Lenovo Gaming Chair, Kimetsu no Yaiba
Credit: Lenovo Japan

Lenovo’s Demon Slayer gaming chair also comes with a neck pillow and an adjustable back cushion perfect for long hours of comfortable gaming.

Lenovo Japan is giving away five Demon Slayer gaming chairs to lucky fans who participate in their campaign which runs from March 18 to 31.

All you need to do is follow Lenovo Japan’s Twitter account and retweet this tweet with the hashtag #Lenovo全集中チェア. This campaign lottery is only open to fans living in Japan.

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