The Demon Slayer anime has only continued to ramp up with two exciting seasons produced so far. Each new arc features a slew of demons that Tanjiro and his friends must overcome. Luckily, they aren’t alone in their fight as the Demon Slayer Hashira, the highest-ranked Demon Slayers, are there to guide them throughout their journey.

Second in command only to Demon Slayer Corps leader Kagaya Ubuyashiki (whom they call Oyakata-sama), these eccentric characters are popular among fans. And while we have met only a few of them so far, the good news is that almost all of the Hashira end up working with the anime’s main cast – Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke – at some point in the series.

All of the Demon Slayer Hashira have already made an appearance in the anime, while a few of these characters have even been heavily featured in some of the arcs.

Warning: Minor spoilers for those who have yet to watch the Demon Slayer anime.

Who are the Demon Slayer Hashira?

All Demon Slayer Hashira
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The Demon Slayer Hashira are the nine most powerful members of the Demon Slayer Corps who are tasked to take on the most dangerous and difficult missions. Like the series’ main characters, they all possess a distinct and unique Breathing Style that was either passed down to them or was created by themselves.

All of the current Demon Slayer Hashira

Credit: ufotable
Water HashiraGiyu TomiokaGiyu is the first Hashira that Tanjiro and Nezuko encounter in the series. Upon realizing that Nezuko is unlike other demons, Giyu brings them to former Water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki, so that he can train Tanjiro to better protect his sister in their journey of searching for a cure.Takahiro Sakurai
Insect HashiraShinobu KochoFollowing Tanjiro’s trial during the Rehabilitation Training Arc, Shinobu suggests having the main characters brought to the Butterfly Mansion where they will properly be able to recuperate. She is able to bond with Tanjiro after revealing that she inherited the Insect Hashira title from her older sister who was killed by demons.Saori Hayami
Flame HashiraKyojuro RengokuA major protagonist during the Mugen Train Arc, Tanjiro initially sought Kyojuro out in the hopes of learning more about Sun Breathing. The main characters are eventually advised to visit the Rengoku House for their answers, as the Rengoku family is known to have kept records about the former Flame Hashira.Satoshi Hino
Sound HashiraTengen UzuiA major protagonist during the Entertainment District Arc, Tengen enlists Tanjiro and his friends’ help in searching for his wives who went missing in the red light district. This mission leads to a harrowing encounter with members from the Upper Rank of the Twelve Demon Moons.Katsuyuki Konishi
Serpent HashiraObanai IguroObanai makes an appearance at the end of the Entertainment District Arc. Before this, he was present during Tanjiro’s trial and has since shown an interest in the Kamado siblings due to their unique circumstances.Kenichi Suzumura
Love HashiraMitsuri KanrojiPossibly the most eye-catching of the Demon Slayer Hashira, Mitsuri appears during Tanjiro’s trial and suggests that the Hashira wait for Oyakata-sama before making a decision about the Kamado siblings. She has since been featured in a teaser for the upcoming Swordsmith Village Arc, which is currently in production.Kana Hanazawa
Mist HashiraMuichiro TokitoMuichiro makes an appearance during Tanjiro’s trial and briefly in the Entertainment District Arc, when Tengen is shown reflecting on Muichiro’s exceptional skills as a swordsman. He has since been featured in a teaser for the upcoming Swordsmith Village Arc, currently in production.Kengo Kawanishi
Wind HashiraSanemi ShinazugawaSanemi appears during Tanjiro’s trial in the Rehabilitation Training Arc, and antagonized the Kamado siblings the most before Oyakata-sama’s arrival, adamant that Nezuko was like other demons and refusing to accept them as a result.Tomokazu Seki
Stone HashiraGyomei HimejimaGyomei appears during Tanjiro’s trial in the Rehabilitation Training Arc and briefly in the Entertainment District Arc, when Tengen is shown reflecting on both his and Muichiro’s exceptional skills as swordsmen.Tomokazu Sugita

The series has also featured retired Demon Slayer Hashira like Tanjiro’s mentor Sakonji Urokodaki, Zenitsu’s mentor Jigoro Kuwajima, and Rengoku’s father, Shinjuro Rengoku.

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