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Gaming peripheral brand MSI had once teamed up with custom PC builder Samuel Callanta, the guy behind Samcaworks, to create a gaming setup fit for fans of the hit anime series, Demon Slayer.

This Demon Slayer-themed PC highlighted Kamado Nezuko, the other half of the Kamado siblings, and Tanjiro’s ride-or-die. The whole MSI Mag Vampiric 100R PC case had been altered to resemble Nezuko’s cute little box.

This Demon Slayer gaming setup uses MSI peripherals, and it’s every gamer’s dream PC

Samcaworks nailed every detail of Nezuko’s humble abode from the wooden planks down to the box’s black metallic bars. The box-like PC case can be opened and closed too, just like the real deal!

The main panels were made from acrylic sheets, while the casing’s surface has been wrapped in UV-printed vinyl.

A cute Nezuko awaits upon opening the chassis, seen biting her bamboo muzzle. The setup also came with a pink mouse mat with a geometrical pattern that takes reference from Nezuko’s iconic kimono wear.

Fans can watch the full PC building process on Samcaworks’ YouTube channel.

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