Fans who watched the final episode of the Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc got a glimpse of a new character, Doma.

It’s been confirmed that there will be a new season of Demon Slayer, adapting the Swordsmith Village Arc.

Doma’s appearance is a big deal for manga readers, who will know that he is a central character in the series. But fans were even more hyped about the fact that the person voicing him is a popular figure in the voice acting world, Mamoru Miyano.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mamoru Miyano, including his notable roles.

Who is Mamoru Miyano?

Mamoru Miyano cosplay
Credit: Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer, best known for being the voice of Light Yagami in Death Note, Rintarou Okabe in Steins;Gate, and Amai Mask in One Punch Man.

The 38-year-old won the “Best Voice Actor” award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair for his role as Light.

He’s appeared in numerous anime, including Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Assassination Classroom, and Haikyuu, often playing flamboyant and charismatic characters.

Mamoru Miyano is also a prolific singer, and has released six solo albums and at least 20 singles since 2005.

Mamoru Miyano characters and notable work

Light Yagami Death NoteAn intelligent university student who stumbles upon a “Death Note” that can kill people by writing their name on it, and decides to use it to enact his own brand of justice upon the world.
Rintaro Okabe Steins;GateA man with middle school syndrome (chuunibyou) who accidentally discovers a method to change the past.
Amai Mask One Punch ManCharismatic, devilishly handsome, and powerful, Amai Mask is the Rank 1 A-Class hero. Like the man who voices him, he is also a singer, model, and actor.
DomaDemon SlayerAppears in a brief flashback scene as the Upper Moon Six demon. Turned siblings Gyutaro and Daki into demons.
Shuu TsukiyamaTokyo GhoulA flamboyant ghoul known as the “Gourmet”. Stages extravagant dinner parties.
Koutaro TatsumiZombieland SagaAn enigmatic man who revives seven zombies and becomes their idol producer.

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