Swedish YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has been living in Japan for more than a month now. To fully become a local, the content creator started learning Japanese prior to migrating to the land of the rising sun back in May.

Together with his wife, Marzia “MarziaPie” Kjellberg, and their dogs, he flew out of the United Kingdom on a private jet valued at almost US$80,000, all because their pet pug, Edgar, was a few kilograms overweight from the standard airline maximum weight of eight to nine kilograms.

Since then, Pewds has been trying to learn Nihongo (the Japanese language) with the help of a few learning apps.

PewDiePie uses Anki and Todai apps for learning Japanese

PewDiePie uses these apps to learn Japanese
Credit: Damien Elmes, Ghi Nguyen, ONE Esports

The YouTuber has two language learning apps installed on his devices — Anki and Todai.

Anki is a free app that can be used for memorizing vocabulary. The app name literally translates to “memorization” in Japanese.

“You basically get a bunch of flashcards that you make yourself, which I really like,” Pewds said in his Q and A video. “If I want to learn a word I just put it in my own library and the flashcards will repeat them for me. I think it’s a fun way to do it.”

Meanwhile, Todai is a Japanese news aggregator app that lets users read articles in furigana (Japanese reading aid that uses hiragana and katakana). It also comes with translations and a dictionary.

The YouTuber is also experimenting with “stuff that is fun” when it comes to other ways of learning Japanese.

Can PewDiePie speak Japanese fluently?

PewDiePie in Japan
Credit: Felix Kjellberg

Yes, PewDiePie can speak Japanese, however, he is still studying to become fluent in Nihongo.

He admitted that learning the language “doesn’t come naturally to him” and that he would rather downplay and surprise people with how much time he has devoted to the task.

He also revealed that he stopped studying for a while before moving to Japan, but later on continued after realizing his fondness for the language.

“I actually enjoy studying Japanese, I think it’s really fun,” he said. “I would recommend people to learn the language. I’m not good — it’s a challenge, and I’m not giving up.”

The YouTuber is also planning to teach his future kids the Japanese language should they enroll them in a school. However, at home, the children would be speaking to them in English, in his native language Swedish, and in his wife’s native language Italian.

The Bro Army can watch PewDiePie’s full Q and A vlog here:

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