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The world’s biggest YouTuber, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, is now living in Japan together with his spouse Marzia “MarziaPie” Kjellberg.

The Swedish gamer had been trying to move to the land of the rising sun since 2019 and had constantly experienced delays during the process due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In October 2022, Japan opened its doors to foreign travelers. Prior to that, the country was only open to all business travelers, foreign students, academics, and those under special circumstances.

Pewds had been granted a five-year business visa on March 23, 2022, and successfully moved from Brighton, England to Tokyo, Japan, on May 1, 2022. He let fans in on their experience flying to the country on a chartered jet on his YouTube vlog.

PewDiePie permanently moves to Japan, forced to rent a private jet because his dogs were too fat

PewDiePie and Marzia in Japan
Credit: Felix Kjellberg

The biggest challenge that the couple encountered before moving was flying their pet dogs, Edgar and Maya, out of the country.

The YouTuber didn’t want to put the dogs through cargo because pugs are known to suffer from difficulty of breathing, so flying them in-cabin in a carrier was preferred. However, Edgar is a few kilograms overweight from the standard airline maximum weight of eight to nine kilograms.

“Edgar is 10 kilos,” he said. “Instead, we’re flying private jet because my dog is too fat.”

PewDiePie and MarziaPie in Japan at the Your Name stairs
Credit: Felix Kjellberg

The YouTube millionaire once rented a private jet valued at almost US$80,000 according to a quote by PrivateFly. After 15 hours of flying, the pair, together with their pet dogs, safely landed in Japan and took a quick COVID-19 test before making their way to their new home.

“I’m so happy,” said an emotional Pewds while caressing Edgar. “We did it.”

Unfortunately, one of the dogs, Maya, passed away on December 18, 2022, due to bad health. Prior to the one-eyed pug’s passing, Pewds adopted a new pet dog named Momo.

Watch Pewds’ full vlog below:

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