The Kastov 74U has taken center stage in Warzone 2 following the weapon changes brought forth in the February 24 update.

With nerfs coming once again to the RPK and Fennec 45, a new contender emerges for the weapon you should be using.

This is according to WhosImmortal on YouTube, a Warzone expert with over 900,000 subscribers thanks to the guides he shares.

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This Kastov 74U loadout is the perfect hybrid for Warzone 2

This Kastov 74u loadout for Warzone 2 is amazing
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

Immortal refers to this build as a phenomenal SMG and assault rifle hybrid weapon. He explains that while it’s not as mobile as some of the SMGs, it has the range they don’t and the low recoil to go along with some great damage.

He selects the R7 stock for better mobility along with the Demo-X2 rear grip for better recoil control, but tunes it to help aid the lack of mobility.

For the laser, he goes with the FSS OLE-V, which he sets up for better sprint-to-fire speed alongside aim down sight speed to give it that fast and snappy SMG feel.

Lastly, he goes with the BR209 barrel and puts the emphasis on movement, but gives himself more snappiness with ADS as well as a small amount of recoil control.

Below is the build he suggests alongside the tuning he chooses himself.

SLOTATTACHMENTTuning (vertical, horizontal)
BarrelBR209 Barrel+0.18, -0.19
LaserFFS OLE-V Laser-0.24, -27.97
StockMarkeev R7 Stock-2.19, -1.32
Rear GripDemo-X2 Grip-0.65, -0.22
Mag45 Round MagN/A

Given the recent nerfs, now is the time to jump ship from the tried and true and start experimenting with weapons that may end up being the next best thing. This could be exactly that, so load it up and see what you think!

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