If you’re having a hard time deciding which weapon to use in Warzone 2, then lucky you because we’re going to share the seven most overpowered guns in Season 2.

The information comes from a recent video by none other than BennyCentral on YouTube where he provides the full list of the best weapons you can use to dominate the map.

If you’re still using the same guns and loadouts you used in Season 1, it’s definitely worth revisiting due to the 20 different weapons that saw buffs and nerfs with the launch of the second season alongside a few new weapons as well. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

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A one shot sniper makes the list of best weapons in Warzone 2 Season 2

The MCPR in Warzone 2 is one of the best weapons in the game
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports


First up in his list of most overpowered and best weapons is the MCPR-300. The sniper rifle is touted by BennyCentral as being the 50 meters one-shot kill sniper that fans have long asked for.

Muzzle22″ OMX-456+0.37, +0.31
LaserFSS OLE-V Laser0, -21.39
OpticSP-X 80 6.6xN/A
StockFSS Merc Stock-1.94, +1.08
Mag.300 Mag in+0.70, +7.84

Lachmann Sub

Next up is the Lachmann sub otherwise known as the MP5 which he claims is the best SMG in the game currently.

LaserVLK LZR 7MW-0.24, +6.58
StockRecoil-56 Factory Stock-1.16, 0
Rear GripLachmann TCG-10-0.52, -0.16
Ammo9mm FrangibleN/A
Mag50 round drumN/A


The RPK makes the list as well even with the recent nerfs which he claims were sort of countered by some of the other adjustments the game saw overall which keep it in the meta.

MuzzleZLR Talon 5+0.27, +0.23
LaserFSS OLE-V Laser-0.39, -39.48
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56+0.41, 0
Ammo7.62 High Velocity+0.25, +3.19


The Vaznev is one of BennyCentral’s favorite weapons in Warzone which is a great alternative to the MP5 mentioned earlier.

MuzzleXTEN Razor Comp-0.59, +0.27
LaserFSS OLE-V Laser-0.24, -19.74
StockMarkeev R7 Stock-1.68, -1.47
Rear GripDemo-X2-0.42, -0.23
Mag45 Round MagN/A

ISO Hemlock

The newest weapon is already a contender as the ISO Hemlock is a high-damage rifle that many are already gravitating towards.

MuzzleCronen OP440, +0.20
BarrelFielder-T50+0.18, +0.14
OpticAIM OP-V4-1.94, 0
Ammo.300 BlackoutN/A
Mag45 Round MagN/A

Fennec 45

Similar to the RPK, the Fennec is still kicking. According to BennyCentral, the nerfs it received were not enough and it only takes one more bullet to kill with an insanely quick firerate which makes it negligible.

MuzzleXTEN RR-40+0.68, +0.48
LaserVLK LZR 7MW-0.31, -16.45
StockFTAC Locktight Stock-1.68, -1.16
MagFennec Mag 45N/A
Ammo5 Auto Overpressed+0.43, +3.48

KV Broadside

The only shotgun in the list keeps itself in the meta thanks largely in part due to a 25 round mag.

MuzzleSA MX-50+1.40, +1.00
LaserPoint-G3P 04-0.26, +51.00
UnderbarrelMerc Foregrip-0.44, +0.40
Mag25 Shell DrumN/A
BoltDashbolt 60N/A

Clearly, there are a variety of options and loadouts made for different playstyles so now the only question is, what are you going to choose?

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