The Boys Super Siege has made its comeback in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, along with the essential challenge of securing heat vision kills to complete the event.

In MW3, although you can secure kills with your weapons, certain events demand specialized tactics to take down foes. Heat vision serves as one such method for achieving kills. However, direct use isn’t an option; you must earn its charge by going through the process.

We will discuss what heat vision is and how you can use it to complete events in the game.

How to get heat vision kills in Modern Warfare 3

The Boys Heat Vision Kills calling hard MW3
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To complete the Boys Super Siege event you need to take down an enemy using the heat vision. First things first, make sure you’re in the new playlist called “Supe’d Up.” This is where all the action happens for this event.

Once you load into a match, your goal is to kill five enemies and pick up the Temp V they drop when you take them down. These Temp Vs are crucial because they power up your heat vision abilities.

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At four Temp Vs collected, you’ll unlock Electric Discharge. Keep pushing forward, because at five Temp Vs, you’ll finally gain access to Laser Eyes. This is the ultimate ability you need to complete the challenge.

Now, here’s the tricky part: you need to ensure you collect all five Temp Vs in one life to unlock Laser Eyes. So, play smart, stay focused, and prioritize staying alive while hunting down those enemies.

Once you’ve gathered all five Temp Vs and unlocked Laser Eyes, it’s time to unleash its power. Use it wisely and take down one enemy with it. That single heat vision kill will count towards completing the challenge in MW3.

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Modern Warfare 3 The Boys Supe Siege challenge and rewards

MW3 Season 2 roadmap, content drop
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Let’s see what the Modern Warfare 3 The Boys Supe Siege event includes and the rewards you can unlock.

Homelander Keeping America Safe” Player Card:

  • Get one operator Heat Vision kill in The Boys mode in MW3
  • Get five operator kills with sniper rifles in Warzone

“Vought News Network” Emblem:

  • Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using DDOS in MW3
  • Make 15 purchases at buy stations in Warzone

Battle Pass Tier Skip:

  • Get 45 operator kills using the MTZ-762 in MW3
  • Get 15 operator kills with marksman rifles in Warzone
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“Hometeam Motto” Large Decal:

  • Get two operator kills in a single life with the Overkill Vest equipped in MW3
  • Get 10 operator headshot kills in Warzone

“Timothy” Weapon Charm:

  • Get 15 operator akimbo kills in MW3
  • Loot 30 supply boxes in Warzone

Double XP Token

  • Get seven operator kills using lethal equipment in MW3
  • Win three Gulag matches in Warzone

That covers everything you need to know about getting heat vision kills in MW3 and the The Boys Supe Siege challenge and rewards.

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