The Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 update introduces a new perk called Ninja Vest. Call of Duty veterans may already be familiar with this perk, as it has been featured in previous CoD titles like Cold War and Black Ops.

Some changes to the MW3 Ninja Vest perk have been made, however, giving it a significant buff in the Season 2 update. With that said, let’s delve into a detailed explanation of how the Ninja Vest perk functions in the new update.

How the MW3 Ninja Vest perk works

MW3 ranked operators
Credit: Activision

In Modern Warfare 3, the Ninja Vest perk is described as a silent melee and throwing weapon specialist. In simple words, the Ninja Vest perk suppresses your footstep sound while walking or even running, just like the Dead Silence perk from past Call of Duty games. And that’s not all. 

The perk also grants bonus Shuriken and Throwing Knife for quick kills, and the best part is these two bonus lethal items will resupply every 25 seconds, so you never have to worry about running out of these utilities. While a quick fix-style vest for faster healing would have been preferable for some, the Ninja vest provides an exciting opportunity to explore other boots in the game.

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Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Bounty game mode
Credit: Activision

However, it’s worth noting that duplicate effects won’t stack when the Ninja Vest perk is equipped in your class setup. For instance, if you’re thinking of pairing the Ninja Vest perk with any other perk that also provides silent footsteps, it simply won’t work. 

Thankfully, the scenario is a bit different in the case of the Covert Sneakers perk. If you decide to equip the Ninja Vest perk with the Covert Sneakers, you will gain the effect of Running Sneakers. If you weren’t aware, Running Sneakers increase Tac Sprint duration while reducing its cooldown. This gives you superior mobility that can be used in gunfights.

Unfortunately, the process to unlock the Ninja Vest perk in Modern Warfare 3 is still a mystery and will be revealed once the Season 2 update rolls out on February 7, 2024.

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