It’s been six years since the last season of the KonoSuba anime — and finally, there’s more for fans to watch.

The KonoSuba Megumin spinoff, officially titled KonoSuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World, isn’t part of the main series, and focuses on one of the adventuring quartet’s most popular characters, Megumin.

What is the KonoSuba Megumin spinoff?

The KonoSuba Megumin spinoff is an adaptation prequel based on the teen wizard.

The anime will cover Megumin’s schooling days and the origin of her Explosion Magic obsession, as well as delve into the backstories of her Crimson Demon allies — including rival Yunyun and younger sister Komekko.

Release date of KonoSuba Megumin spinoff anime

The spinoff anime is scheduled to start April 6, and will be streaming on Crunchyroll.

You can watch the official trailer from Crunchyroll here.

Characters of KonoSuba season 3, seiyuus and voice actors (VAs)

Konosuba Fantastic Days Megumin, Yunyun, Komekko art
Credit: Sumzap
MeguminA genius Crimson Demon mage, one of the world’s most powerful magic races, and utterly obsessed with Explosion Magic.Rie Takahashi
YunyunA shy, pessimistic girl who’s unable to make friends, she becomes Megumin’s rival after constantly coming second to her in class.Aki Toyosaki
KomekkoMegumin’s younger sister that eats anything in her path. Also a genius like her sister.Maria Naganawa
ArueThe third-highest-scoring student in her class, with a talent for chuunibyou extremes that exceeds even most Crimson Demons.Kaori Nazuka

Status of light novels and OVAs

Credit: Kadokawa

There are five KonoSuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World light novel volumes available.

The first season of the anime will likely cover the first two volumes, on par with the main KonoSuba seasons.

While the first three volumes take place before we meet our heroes/gag adventurers in the mainline anime, the last two volumes happen during volumes nine and 10 of the original light novel — still beyond the anime adaptation, which have covered up to volume five including the Legend of Crimson movie.

A manga adaptation of the light novel volumes — now up to eight — are also available, with art from Kasumi Morino.

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