Six years on, one of the finest and most unique sitcoms is coming back for not just a sequel—but a prequel as well.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!) adapts the misadventures of Kazuma Satou and his unlikely band of allies in season three, based on the light novels from Natsume Akatsuki and Kurone Mishima.

A prequel series focusing on Megumin, the Crimson Wizard, will also be released.

What is KonoSuba?

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Credit: Studio Deen

KonoSuba follows teenager Kazuma Satou, who is reincarnated from “saving” a young girl’s life. Instead of the typical isekai power fantasy, Kazuma becomes a relatively run-of-the mill adventurer with little redeeming qualities, using his decent smarts and luck to progress towards his true goal—to take down the Demon King.

Kazuma, ever the outcast, is the straight man (in more ways than one) to his zany party members, who are the opposite of Kazuma: strong on the outside, but borderline useless due to their debilitating personalities.

There’s Aqua, the goddess of water with a penchant for drink and party tricks; there’s Megumin, a wizard who can only cast one spell, and last but not least, Darkness, a strong crusader who dumped all her stats into strength in order to take more hits.

Release date of KonoSuba season 3 anime

KonoSuba's Aqua and Kazuma
Credit: Studio Deen

KonoSuba season 3 does not have a release date yet. Though the show has been announced, it is still in production and will likely take a year or two before broadcast.

Everybody’s favorite explosions-obsessed wizard girl, Megumin, will also get a prequel anime. This will cover her schooling life in the Crimson Village, as well as explain the source of her fixation with Explosion Magic.

(To be updated)

Recap of the events before KonoSuba season 3

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Warning: Spoiler alert for KonoSuba seasons one, two, and the Legend of Crimson movie

Kazuma, who could’ve claimed a powerful artifact or skill before heading into the adventuring beginner’s town of Axel, becomes inadvertently saddled with the goddess of water Aqua.

Kazuma, limited by his stats, uses ingenuity and a myriad of skills from different classes to overcome his shortcomings. Recruiting Darkness and Megumin through a series of inopportune mishaps, Kazuma and friends made a name for themselves as fine adventurers, taking down one of the Demon King’s generals, Verdia.

But in order to save the town, Kazuma made the call to teleport a self-destructing machine to a random location in the world, which ended up dealing collateral damage. Forced to pay back his debt, Kazuma takes on a series of adventures and eventually runs into another general, Vanir, and defeats him.

Surprisingly, Vanir comes back, and isn’t all evil. Possessing a surprisingly business-savvy mind, he works with Kazuma’s knowledge of modern Japan to create a series of real world products, making Kazuma immensely rich.

With new-found financial stability, Kazuma and friends take a holiday to the hot springs town of Arcanretia —only to run into yet another general, Hans, the deadly poison slime. A bold plan helps the team defeat Hans, marking yet another notch in the party’s belt.

Then, a mysterious letter from Yunyun, Megumin’s childhood friend, prompting the gang to head to the Crimson Demon Village where everybody is a powerful mage, but exhibits worrying immaturity.

Another general, the chimera Sylvia, seeks a powerful weapon in the village named the Mage Killer, only to be thwarted by Kazuma’s increasingly famous adventuring party.

Characters of KonoSuba season 3, seiyuus and voice actors (VAs)

These anime characters are all gut-busting funny, but each has their own brand of humor that will resonate differently depending on you.

Kazuma SatouA once-NEET forced to become a leader of his unconventional adventuring party out of necessity. A broad generalist when it comes to skills.Jun Fukushima
AquaThe beautiful goddess of water that specializes in healing magic and crying a lot.Sora Amamiya
MeguminA Crimson Demon mage, one of the world’s most powerful magic races, and utterly obsessed with Explosion Magic.Rie Takahashi
DarknessA beautiful crusader with outward maturity and inward degeneracy.Ai Kayano

Status of light novels and OVAs

Credits: Studio Drive

So far, 17 volumes of the light novels have been released. KonoSuba’s first two seasons and the canon movie covered the first five volumes, with each season adapting two. It’s likely that the third season of the anime will adapt books six and seven.

Two OVAs, each set after the first two seasons of the anime, are not technically canon. But they are good half-an-hour doses of entertainment if you are starving for more KonoSuba content—though hopefully not for long.

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